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PET Members

The President’s Equity Taskforce will consist of nine members and report to the Provost, who will be an ex officio member.

Chair – Faculty Member appointed by the Provost
AVP Human Resources or delegate
AVP Student Life or delegate
VP Research, Innovation & International or delegate
Dean appointed by the Provost
Faculty Members (3) appointed by the Provost
Provost (ex-officio)


The President’s Equity Taskforce will be supported by the Office of the Assistant Vice-President Human Resources.

Dr. Wesley Crichlow

Associate Dean, Equity
Chair, President's Equity Taskforce

Jocelyn Churchill

Human Resources Advisor

Jennifer Freeman

Director of Research Services

Akira Tokuhiro

Dean, Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science

Natalie Oman

Assistant Professor, Faculty Social Sciences and Humanities

Allyson Eamer

Associate Professor, Faculty of Education

Rajen Akalu

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business and IT

Akeisha Lari

Equity and Inclusivity Advisor