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Staff-to-child ratio

The Campus Childcare Centre (CCC) is licensed by the Ministry of Education Early Learning Division and operates under the regulations of the Day Nurseries Act as well as the Child and Family Services Act. Based on their legislative requirements, the CCC is licensed to care for:

Thirty toddlers (18 to 30 months of age);Forty preschoolers (30 to 44 months of age); and Twenty Junior/Senior kindergarten children (44 to 67 months of age).

The staff-to-child ratio is:

One Early Childhood Educator (ECE) for every five toddlers;One ECE for every eight preschoolers; andOne ECE for every 10 Junior/Senior kindergarten children.

The CCC serves as a practicum setting for ECE students, as well as a demonstration setting for student assignments. In addition, students from a variety of programs at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and Durham College are able to conduct observations or group activities with parent permission. ECE students completing a practicum requirement have the opportunity to interact with staff, children and families. While completing their training, these ECE students augment the ratio, but are not included in the staff-to-child ratio.

Since children arrive and depart at various times throughout the day, and are not active during the rest period, we reduce the staff-to-child ratio during arrival, departure and rest times to allow our staff a lunch break.

Please note: Children are adequately supervised at all times and that a decreased staff-to-child ratio at these times is permitted by the Ministry of Education Early Learning Division.