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Agricultural Leadership Program


The Agricultural Leadership Certificate Program consists of five (5) highly interactive courses that will assist those who are working within the agricultural sector, regardless if they are an owner, partner or responsible for the operational or day-to-day functions of the Agri-business. This program consists of a collection of leadership, communication, human resources, marketing, public relations and management modules that will provide participants with a strong foundation of relevant tools that may be implemented immediately.

The series addresses everything from understanding their own leadership style to understanding what is required to be a success in their specific industry. This may only be accomplished through a highly interactive, hands-on environment where participants network to share similar challenges and successes. Participants will learn to be confident and prepared advocates for both their own business and for the Agricultural industry as a whole.
Course facilitators/instructors have been chosen based on their topic knowledge and expertise as well as their experience within the agricultural sector.           

Please contact us at if you are interested in arranging this as a customized program.

  • Leadership Development
    • Complete testing that will assist with understanding own leadership styles and how this applies to particular work-place situations
    • Leadership will be reviewed with emphasis on the current theories as it applies to developing a positive culture within a smaller organization
    • Discuss the challenges and the importance of developing a culture of shared leadership
    • Examine techniques to encourage team work and practice coaching, mentoring and empowerment
    • Learn to work with a diverse work force including multigenerational and seasonal employees
  • Human Resources Management
    • Human Resource Management will include the legal and management side of recruitment, selection & termination
    • Employment specialist will provide legislated HR resources that every organization should be aware of
    • Explore your organizations mission, vision & values
    • Discuss current issues - specific to the culture of running and Agri-business
    • Review governance and your role on boards and general meetings 
    • Discuss risk management and how it applies to your business
  • Marketing & Advocacy
    • Discuss various marketing platforms and learn to develop a marketing plan specific to needs
    • Discuss advocacy and ways to promote your business and industry
    • Learn to create content that is relevant and engaging for all stakeholders
    • Learn methods of advertising including posting ads, promotions, websites, blogging etc.
    • Discuss social media options as well as other useful methods of marketing
  • Communication Essentials
    • Learn to communicate the written message (emails, reports, correspondence etc.)
    • Practice both verbal and non-verbal communication
    • Learn to present ideas in various circumstances (e.g. in-person, groups, meetings, presentations, employees etc.)
    • Practice presenting clear ideas and direction to tell "your story" 
    • Prepare to answer the "tough question" and to be an advocate for your business
    • Learn to organize and chair effective meetings
  • Change in Agriculture
    • Understand strategic thinking strategies and identify what needs to be changed
    • Develop an action plan for individual, business and organizational goals
    • Learn to influence and prepare others for change and discuss resistance to change
    • Identify change leaders and influencers in their community and create opportunities for collaboration
    • Identify helpful resources and gaps for developing professionally within the Agricultural sector
    • Discuss, share and learn to access additional resources

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