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Coaching for Performance and Mentorship


A mentor “has a deep personal interest in your long term development” and a coach “develops specific skills for the task, challenges and performance expectations at work”. Combining these two distinct abilities will be mutually beneficial as you develop confidence and grow within your chosen career. 

The objective of this Ontario Tech University certificate program is to build your professional confidence in-order to provide guidance and "mentorship" to those who are establishing or growing in their career. This program is specifically beneficial to all executives, supervisors and managers to encourage staff performance. HR professionals or business owners will also learn to build a successful in-house mentorship program.

Successful completion of this program will award participants with a certificate of completion from Ontario Tech University.               

FALL 2019 Schedule:

In-class: Wednesday, November 6, 2019 (online modules available Wednesday, October 9, 2019).

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You may use these skills to encourage relationships and to develop collaboration in many professional circumstances such as:

  • Alumni to participate in their school mentorship program
  • Professionals to mentor new employees and/or students in their careers
  • Human Resource professionals to support an in-house mentorship programs
  • Executives, leaders, managers to encourage performance improvement and to facilitate success  

At the completion of this course participants will have developed the following abilities:

  • Understand the difference between coaching for performance and coaching for development
  • Articulate the difference between coaching, mentoring, and counseling
  • Understand the systemic impact of effective coaching in an organization
  • Develop insight into the motivation of employees
  • Coach in alignment with your organization’s vision, mission, and values
  • Mentor a person in a specific area of expertise to motivate and build their career
  • Encourage and develop a mentorship program that best meets the needs of your organization

Part One: Online Learning

Participants will begin the online learning during the one-month prior to attending the in-class session.  During this time you will:
  1. Access to a rich multi-media library
  2. Actively participate in the threaded discussions
  3. Complete assigned reading to support the threaded learning and discussion.

Part Two: In-class Learning

The course culminates in a one-day workshop in which the participants reinforce the online learning through case studies and application. Participants have an opportunity to learn from our professional and will network with peers to learn, discuss, develop and practice new skills during this interactive learning environment. 

To obtain the University Certificate the participant must:

  • Actively participant in both online and in-class discussion
  • Successfully complete the one day seminar and final project 
For a complete description of the Coaching for Performance and Mentorship Program, please view the program brochure. view Program Brochure


Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

*NEW* Early Bird Pricing Fall 2019 (up to one month prior to start of course): $1175 (+ HST)
Regular Fee: $1,250 (+ HST)

Location: Ontario Tech University North campus location
2000 Simcoe Street North, Oshawa

Parking, refreshment and lunch included in Registration Fee

Register today to reserve your spot for this popular program. 

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