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Business and Information Technology

Advanced Web Art and Design, CSS and JS Frameworks (Online)

This is a hands-on, fast-paced course that builds on skills and concepts learned in the introductory Web Art & Design course. Students should gain a basic understanding of JavaScript and learn how to build interactive content using CSS and JavaScript.

Agricultural Leadership Program

The Agricultural Leadership Certificate Program consists of five (5) highly interactive courses that will assist those who are working within the agricultural sector, regardless if they are an owner, partner or responsible for the operational or day-to-day functions of the Agri-business. This program consists of a collection of leadership, communication, human resources, marketing, public relations and management modules that will provide participants with a strong foundation of relevant tools that may be implemented immediately.

Basic Design Principles (Online)

This studio course introduces students to fundamental design principles. These principles that underpin two dimensional space will be explored using typography, photography, and drawing. All students are required to provide their own laptops with Adobe CC Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign software to complete the in-class assignments. Students are responsible for purchasing their own supplies.

Coaching for Performance and Mentorship

The objective of this Ontario Tech University certificate program is to build your professional confidence in-order to provide guidance and "mentorship" to those who are establishing or growing in their career. This program is specifically beneficial to all executives, supervisors and managers to encourage staff performance. HR professionals or business owners will also learn to build a successful in-house mentorship program.

Design Thinking and Evaluating User Experience (UX)

This three-day certificate program teaches the fundamentals of Design Thinking and Evaluating User Experience (UX). Over the course of 3 days, participants will learn a variety of tools to help them identify and become a topic expert of a given problem or paint point, design consumer profiles, and create value propositions for each consumer profile.

Dynamic Web Art and Design, PHP (Online)

This course builds on skills and concepts learned in Introduction to Web Art and Design and Advanced Web Art and Design, CSS and JavaScript Frameworks. Students should gain a basic understanding of the server-side scripting language, PHP. Students learn how to build dynamic, interactive content for the web.

Excel Essentials for Managers

This one-day hands-on course is designed for those with a basic knowledge of Excel, who need to use key Excel features to manage, customize and automate workbooks. Participants will gain knowledge and skills to increase productivity and discover timesaving techniques, shortcuts and tips.

Intermediate Adobe Illustrator (Online)

This course builds on the skills, creative techniques, and concepts taught in Introduction to Adobe Illustrator course. In this course, students should learn more advanced techniques for working with paths, how to manipulate Bezier curves, how to use transparency and opacity masks, graphic styles, brush effects, symbols, pattern creation, and gradient mesh.

Intermediate Adobe Photoshop (Online)

This is a hands-on, fast-paced course that builds on skills, creative techniques, and concepts taught in the introductory Digital Photography and Photoshop courses. Students explore the art of digital imaging through colour correction, digital effects, and batch processing.

Intermediate User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design (Online)

This intermediate studio course builds on the foundational knowledge of effective user interface and user experience design, gained in the Introduction to UI and UX course. Topics include persuasive UX and the ethics of design, sustainable behaviour, user engagement, storytelling for UXD, and gamification.

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator (Online)

This is a hands-on, fast-paced course where students gain the technical skills to create sophisticated vector graphics for a range of art and design projects using Adobe Illustrator.

Introduction to Adobe InDesign (Online)

In this 6-week course, students should gain the software skills needed to create, preflight, and publish everything from printed and digital materials to interactive online documents. InDesign is the industry-leading page design and layout toolset.

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop (Online)

This shorter course is designed specifically to introduce students to the key concepts and basic tools used in Adobe Photoshop. Topics include image resolution, using layers, modifying and transforming selections, image editing and adjustments using layers and filters, and output parameters and protocol for web, devices and print.

Introduction to Rhino-3D (Online)

This hands-on course introduces students to 3D modelling using Rhinoceros, basic rendering and animation. Students should learn about surface modelling, creating and editing 3D nurbs curves and solids.

Introduction to User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design (Online)

This course introduces UI and UX, the essential tools required to create compelling user experiences for desktop, tablet, and mobile users. Students will learn to plan and design effective user interfaces based on aesthetic, psychological, scientific, and technological considerations. Topics include user-centred design, identifying requirements, and information architecture. Students will build mock-ups and create wireframes to test the user experience.

Introduction to Web Analytics (Online)

In this course students learn how to increase web traffic and improve the user experience by understanding and interpreting Google Analytics. Topics include metrics and data collection, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) measurements, and optimizing paid search campaigns.

Introduction to Web Art and Design (Online)

This is a hands-on, fast-paced course where students should gain the conceptual and technical skills to create online art and design content. Techniques covered include image preparation, video and audio compression, navigation, HTML and CSS authoring using Adobe Dreamweaver.

Lean Certification Programs

Ontario Tech University is a proud partner with the Leading Edge Group for all Lean certification programs. These programs allow you and your staff to become catalysts for change and qualify you as Continuous Improvement practitioners.

Master's Certificate in Public Sector Management

This program is an intensive 15-day executive education program. It consists of courses for managers and executives with diverse educational backgrounds who are experienced in a public sector/government or related organization.

Patient Journey Modelling - PaJMa

Patient Journey Modelling workshop is designed specifically for health care organizations and will focus on providing a visual representation of the process involved in a patient journey

Professional Communications Certificate

This specialized Ontario Tech University five-day (5) certificate program concentrates on the written, verbal and leadership skills required by managers, supervisors, and professionals.

Professional Management Certificate Program

The Professional Management Certificate Program consists of five (5) courses designed to enhance the managerial effectiveness and leadership abilities of today's business professionals.

Professional Sales Certificate Program

This 3 day program provides professionals with the skills, knowledge and attitude that is required for success in the sales profession. Participants will take courses that will assist them in telling their story, and making lasting impressions.

Project Management

These two one-day courses are designed for those who are, or who have been, involved in a project and who require the key techniques and process to run a successful project.

Storyboarding for Media Production (Online)

In this studio course, students learn to create sequential art and concept rendering for film, television, games, and online projects. Participants should learn how to interpret scripts and creative briefs with specific graphics and illustrations. Course topics include scale, location, shot descriptions, sequential effects, animatics, typography integration, source image reference use and compositing, sketching live from descriptions, and other key illustration techniques.

The Art of Type (Online)

This design studio course is an introduction to the potential and expressive qualities of contemporary typography. Topics include the anatomy of the letterform, distinctions between typefaces, and shaping the page with type.

Visionary Leadership

This certificate program has been created to assist managers in developing the kind of leadership needed for the 21st century. This certificate comprises five modules that are completed online and one in-class session.