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Professional Sales Certificate Program


Continuous Learning is pleased to customize "The Professional Sales Certificate Program" for your organization. This 3 day program provides professionals with the skills, knowledge and attitude that is required for success in the sales profession. Participants will take courses that will assist them in telling their story, and making lasting impressions.  

Completion of all 3 courses will lead to a University Certificate awarded by Ontario Tech University.

Please contact us if you are interested in arranging this as a customized program for your company.


  • Recognize your personality style to maximize sales results
  • Identify your product - what are you selling?
  • Define your vision, mission etc (sales goals)
  • Define your audience (internal and external stakeholders)
  • Presentation Skills - Storytelling (telling your story)
  • Develop sales goals and determine your competitive analysis
  • Develop your presentation (continuation from day 1)
  • Practice your sales presentation with instructor and peers and receive feedback
  • Learn to manage sales meetings at every stage of the sales cycle
  • Create opportunities and sales contacts that did not exist
  • Make a lasting impression - Networking!
  • Learn to manage your customer relationships
  • Discuss quality customer care and developing relationships
  • Learn to answer the difficult questions - solve problems 
  • Final sales presentations with instructor and peer feedback (from day 1/2)

For a complete description of the Professional Sales Program, please view the Program BROCHURE

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