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Family camps

Join us for these summer programs where you can learn alongside your children and leave with a variety of practical activities and resources that can be done at home.

You will complete camp activities as a family that:
  • make use of technology laptops, digital cameras, science and engineering equipment and iPad technology
  • will be geared to the ages of the campers

Online resources will also be available after the camp programs end. 

Note: campers must be at least five years old.

Register for family camps



The basic family registration is $65 (+HST) per camp session for one adult and two children.

  • $10 (+HST) for each additional child (up to two additional children per family).
  • $10 (+HST) for each additional adult/parent.

Camp details


Ontario Tech U - North Location

2000 Simcoe Street N, Oshawa, Ontario
Time 9am - 4pm


Family camp descriptions

  • Take the Family Outside - Monday, August 24
    • Learn new outdoor activities to engage your family in the natural world and bring back the joy of 'messing around' outside
    • Play games that will spark an interest in science and the environment
    • Explore the environment with iPad and other simple technologies
    • Discover the fun of orienteering and geocaching
  • Makerspace/STEAM - Tuesday, August 25
    • Find out what all the buzz is about Makerspace activities as you tinker, create, build and explore with a variety of materials
    • Work with circuits, simple tools, 3D printers and more
    • Take home a project your family designed, created and built from scratch
  • Minecraft - Wednesday, August 26
    • Discover tricks to enhance Minecraft for families
  • Basic Coding and Game Design - Thursday, August 27
    • Learn basic coding skills
    • Design a simple computer video game as a family
    • Find out where to go to extend the learning
  • Robotics - Friday, August 28
    • Explore robotics kits and resources
    • Depending on the age of the camper, these will be available for exploration:
      • LEGO® WeDo, LEGO® EV3


  • Health and safety

    *Parents/guardians are responsible for reading and understanding the detailed information on the Ontario Tech University Family Summer Camps 2020 Waiver which includes the Code of Behaviour and Release, Waiver and Discharge information. The notes below do not contain all of the information on the form - they are only meant to help clarify some of the information.

    All campers and staff have the right to a positive and safe camp experience.  For this reason, campers need to follow the following Code of Conduct:

    1. Be safe
    2. Be kind to yourself and others
    3. Respect yourself, others and property
    4. Listen to others and follow directions
    5. Have fun!

    Campers will be sent home if they do not follow the above Code of Conduct. If a camper is sent home for any of the reasons listed below, no refund will be given:


    1. A camper does not keep themselves safe or threatens the safety of others
      • Not staying with the camp group and/or counsellor
      • Not following safety rules (e.g., climbing on furniture)
      • Not following fire safety rules
      • Physically harming others
      • Using alcohol, cannabis, cigarettes, narcotics or any other illegal substance
    2. A camper is not kind to themselves or others
      • Knowingly and/or willingly being inappropriate, vulgar or offensive to others
    3. A camper does not respect themselves, others or property
      • Not respecting the rights and privileges of others
      • Vandalizing or destroying property
      • Not respecting others' privacy (example: knowingly entering the washroom areas of other genders)
    4. A camper does not listen to others or follow directions
      • Unwilling to participate in planned activities
      • Unwilling to follow fair instructions and/or directions

    If your child requires medication during camp hours, please contact us.

  • Registration and payment

    Registration must be completed through the online camp registration form. Payment by credit card must be made at the time of registration.

    If you cannot pay by credit card, please contact us.

  • Staff and faculty discount

    All current staff and faculty are eligible for the following discount on all 2020 summer camps for themselves and their child(ren):

    • $5 discount for camp
    • $2 discount for additional child or adult
  • Cancellations and refunds
    Cancellations made in writing to at least seven (7) days before the first day of the related family camp are entitled to a full refund, minus a $10 fee. Refunds will not be given for cancellations made after this date.
  • Waitlists
    If a camp is full, you can ask to be added to a waitlist by emailing  You will be contacted with registration instructions if a spot becomes free.
  • Photo/Video release

    We will be taking photos and videos during camp that may be used in future marketing materials. For this reason, parents/guardians of campers can opt-in on the Photo/Video Release section of the Family Camp Registration form to give us permission to take and use these photos and videos.

    *Parents/guardians are responsible for reading and understanding the detailed information on the Photo/Video Release form before providing consent. The notes below do not contain all of the information on the form - they are only meant to help clarify some of the information.

    Notes about how it works*:

    By completing the Photo/Video Release form you give Ontario Tech permanent permission:

    • to take photos and video of the camper
    • to use all photos and video taken in various ways for marketing, promotion and  advertising
    • to fully own and edit all photos and video taken
    • to use all photos and video taken without the need for approval from you of its use or how it is used
    • to not be prevented from using all photos and video taken
  • Packed lunches
    Any packed lunches, snacks, and/or beverages must be nut free.