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History General (Intermediate) ABQ

Course code: EDAQ 5220C
Format: Online - Using Adobe Connect. Students are requested to participate in one hour webinars on a regular basis. If you cannot be online,you are expected to watch the recorded webinar.  The webinar schedule will be determined the first day of class.

This course is designed to reflect the changes in Ministry documents and present course design and teaching strategies to reflect the Ministry's new direction towards critical inquiry, critical and subject discipline thinking. 

In an age of accountability, when literacy and numeracy rule the day, history can be seen as a subject on the periphery of public education. When taught as just names, dates and a myriad of events of bygone days without inviting students to think about their learning, history can disengage even the most eager learner.

The primary focus of this course is engaging the learner, by considering the most powerful means to teach history through classes that:

  • Encourage learners to do history.
  • Encourage critical thinking.
  • Historical consciousness.
  • Moral judgment.
  • To assess change and continuity.

History and civics, by their very nature, lend themselves to critical inquiry. These courses have the greatest potential to engage students when their learning is grounded in meaningful and authentic assessment tasks that invite students to solve problems or meet a challenge. Students learn best about the past and the world around them when they uncover the curriculum through an endeavour to meet rich critical challenges.

Consequently, the primary focus for this course will be help you understand the pedagogy of critical thinking and build relevant and engaging courses, units, lessons and assessment tasks around critical thinking and historical consciousness.

Successful candidates will be recommended to the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) for the ABQ for History, Intermediate Division.

See OCT guidelines for more details about the course.


  • OCT Certificate of Qualification.
  • An interest and background in history.
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