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Director's welcome

Welcome to the Faculty of Education at Ontario Tech University. Thank you for your interest in our Teacher Professional Development (TPD) program.

The faculty’s Additional Qualification (AQ) courses are offered in three formats, providing you the opportunity to choose the delivery method that best meets your needs: 

  • in-class
  • online
  • blended (in-class/online)

All courses are accredited by the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) and consist of 125 hours of work as defined by regulation.

Our courses embody the four underlying principles of the Faculty of Education:

  • Constructivism: Learning is a process of constructing personal meaning.
  • Praxis: We learn to enhance teaching through guided practice. Students are encouraged to see learning not as information recall but as the development of new understandings that will be exercised in practice.
  • Reflection: Professional development is a process of reflection-in-action. Online discussions further support the interplay of ideas and experience that constitute our view of praxis.
  • Technology: Teachers will learn to integrate technology into their classroom practice and use technology to support their own professional learning.

All AQ courses:

  • Examine best practice.
  • Incorporate current research.
  • Integrate technology effectively.
  • Review and apply relevant theory into current practice.
We are delighted that you are considering the TPD courses offered at Ontario Tech University.