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The Digital Leader

In The Digital Leader certificate course, participants will learn the various benefits and considerations of a variety of digital tools that can be used throughout the school environment to improve student learning, staff collaboration, connection with the local and global community and parent connection/involvement. They will learn how to use the tools in general, with an eye to digital citizenship. Participants will also be shown and asked to co-develop ideas on how the tools could be used in their place-specific learning environments. The sessions will be positioned in a multiliteracies, Critical Digital Literacies and production pedagogies framework, so participants understand the pedagogy and best practices associated with the tools.

The course consists of four sessions, each three hours long. Each session will be broken up into introductory activities that include laying the pedagogical theory groundwork and becoming familiar with the week’s curated digital tools, which will be selected based on weekly themes. The weekly themes include: 

  • Digital Citizenship
  • Footprints and Privacy
  • Leaders of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Makerspace and Genius Hour
  • Cool Tools

This course will run synchronously online and can accommodate 20 participants per session.


  • $200 plus HST
  • Dates TBD