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Additional Qualification (AQ) and Additional Basic Qualification (ABQ) courses

Additional Qualification (AQ) / Additional Basic Qualification (ABQ) courses are professional development courses for teachers certified by the Ontario College of Teachers.  These courses are only available to Ontario College of Teachers members.

These courses are only available to:

  • Graduates of a Bachelor of Education who are registered, good standing members of OCT; or
  • Current Ontario Tech University teacher candidates who have met all requirements to graduate from the Bachelor of Education program before the start of a course, have registered with OCT and paid their OCT dues.

About AQ/ABQ courses

  • Additional Basic Qualifications (ABQ)
    • ABQ courses qualify members Ontario College of Teachers to teach in specific divisions additional to their current division qualifications;
    • At the intermediate and Senior levels, qualification is also based on specific subjects.

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  • Additional Qualifications (AQ)

    One session

    • These courses deepen the knowledge and skills in design and delivery of specific programs

    Three session

    • Part I courses develop the skills and knowledge needed to design, deliver and assess programs in a specific discipline, field and/or division;
    • Part II courses expand on the skills and knowledge developed in Part I courses;
    • Specialist (Part III) courses expand on the skills and knowledge developed in Part I and Part II courses with a specific focus on leadership skills within the discipline or division.

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ABQ courses




AQ courses

One session

Three session

French as a Second Language

Integration and Computer Technology in the Classroom

Mathematics, Primary and Junior

Religious Education

Special Education

Teaching English Language Learners

Visual Arts