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Verification of enrolment

Please note: Online service is only available to undergraduate students.


  • What is an online verification of enrolment letter?

    An online verification of enrolment letter is used to confirm your registration with most non-government external agencies by providing:

    • Current course load in credit hours
    • Full-time or part-time status
    • Number of credit hours completed
    • Number of credit hours required to graduate
    • Registration in a specific term of study
    • Year of study


  • When will I need a verification of enrolment letter?
    • Confirmation of full-time or part-time status.
    • Confirmation of student status to external agencies (e.g. banks, third-party insurance plans, etc).
    • Private (non-government issued) loan applications.
    • Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) agreement forms.
    • Student line of credit letters.

    The online verification of enrolment letter is used to replace the post-secondary section of many agency forms (if applicable). The letter is produced using a secure authorized log on protocol; therefore, a university signature, stamp and/or seal is not required. After printing the letter, attach the verification of enrolment printout to the agency form, and return it to the agency requesting the verification information.

  • How do I print my verification of enrolment letter online?
    1. Log in to your MyCampus account and select the OT undergraduate tab.
    2. Select verification of enrolment letter under the student records heading, which is found under helpful links.
    3. Choose the appropriate term.
    4. Select download verification of enrolment to open the PDF letter.

     The verification of enrolment letter does not constitute a replacement for an official transcript and does not contain fee information. You can print your account summary from MyCampus to reflect your fees and payments, with your name and student ID included.

    If you need to confirm your enrolment for government student financial aid programs, (OSAP or out-of-province loans), please contact the Student Awards and Financial Aid office.