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Campus Health Centre flu shot clinics

Flu Vaccination Clinics are available to staff and students. Clinics will be provided by Lovell Drugs pharmacy located in the Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre beside the Campus Health Centre.

Please present your Ontario health card when you arrive to the clinic. Patients with alternative insurance (such as UHIP, Morcare or Sun Life) must book an appointment for flu vaccination by contacting the Campus Health Centre at 905.721.3037. All patients will be required to fill out a consent form.

Influenza (the flu) is a serious, acute respiratory illness caused by a virus that can potentially lead to pneumonia. People of any age can get the flu. Illness usually lasts two to seven days, sometimes longer in the elderly and for those with chronic diseases. Some patients can become very ill and develop complications requiring hospitalization.

The flu shot is safe and is the most effective way to protect you and your family from the three strains of the flu virus expected to circulate this year. Vaccination is an individual choice and is not mandatory when attending college or university. It is recommended that students in the Faculty of Health Sciences receive the flu shot because some placements require proof of vaccination.

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