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A portrait of Professor Wendy Stanyon

Wendy Stanyon
RN, EdD, PhD

Associate Professor

Faculty of Health Sciences

Dr. Stanyon researches new methods to promote a better understanding of mental illness.

Mental Health in the Workplace: Mindfulness and Self-Care

April 1, 2021

CUPE Ontario Social Services Conference

Mindfulness; Mental health 101; Self-Care

2021 - Ontario Labour Federation Presentations

Interactive Mental Health Awareness Sessions

2017 - Royal Military College (RMC) Faculty; (co-facilitator, Capt. Dan Desjardins, RMC Faculty Member, Physics Department)

Mindsight Presentation

June 1, 2017

Royal Military College (RMC) Faculty Council

Mindsight: An Online Educational Resource to Promote Awareness and Reduce Stigma Associated with Mental Illness

Prague, Czech Republic July 10, 2021

35th International Congress on Law and Mental Health

Evaluating Police Officers’ Ability to Effectively Respond: Individuals Challenged by Mental Illness Share their Perspectives of their Encounter with Police

Vienna, Austria July 12, 2015

34th International Congress on Law and Mental Health

Approaches to Mindfulness in Education

St. Catharines, Ontario May 25, 2014

Canadian Society for the Study in Education Conference, Brock University

From Knowledge to Real World Practice: Are Online Simulations a Source of Authentic Learning for Frontline Police Officers?

Amsterdam, Netherlands July 14, 2013

33rd International Congress on Law and Mental Health

Unique Partnership between an Educational Institution, a Mental Health Facility, Police Services and a Regional Municipality: Using Simulation to Educate Frontline Police Officers

Corner Brook, Newfoundland June 12, 2013

CU Expo 2013 Engaging Shared Worlds, Community University Partnerships

Using Simulation to Engage Police in Learning about Mental Illness

Whitby, Ontario March 22, 2013

Advancing Recovery in Mental Health: Research Across the Continuum. Second Annual Research Day, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences

Mindsight: An Online Mental Illness Resource

Toronto, Ontario November 22, 2011

Provincial Human Service Justice Coordinating Conference

Using Simulation to Educate Police about Mental Illness: Impact of Realism on the Learning Process

Berlin, Germany July 17, 2011

32nd International Congress on Law and Mental Health

College of Nurses of Ontario

Registered Nurses Association of Ontario

Registered Nurses Association of Ontario