Peers Recognizing Achievements in Standout Employees

Michelle Cholak

Graduate Program Assistant

Michelle was invaluable in introducing me to the inner workings of FESNS. Her depth of knowledge of the programming, curriculum, communication, and student needs and desires is incredible. She does a phenomenal job balancing and exceeding at all of the varied jobs that she is tasked with. I very much admire Michelle's ability to conquer all that is on her plate. I know both the graduate students and the faculty appreciate all the effort Michelle puts in to making FESNS a wonderful place to study and work. I am so grateful for the time we had to work together, Michelle taught me so much that I will carry with me through my life and career! Thank you so much, Michelle!!

Nominated by Brianna McKay

Nathalie Fitzsimmons

Executive Assistant

Thank you so much, Nathalie, for guiding my journey with FESNS with such a welcoming heart. Nathalie is always up to conquer whatever challenge or task comes her way without hesitation. I admire the way you immediately tackle things that are presented to you with such determination and don't let anything stand in your way. Your courage and strength is unmatched personally and professionally. I learned so much from you during our brief but wonderful time working together. Thank you so much for everything, Nathalie.

Nominated by Brianna McKay

Kerry Morrison

Senior Academic Advisor

Kerry is a phenomenal academic advisor. From recruitment to graduation, she goes above and beyond to get to know her students and make sure that they know that she is there to support them throughout their academic journey. Kerry is involved in a multitude of committees to further all student success and transition across the institution and is also incredibly supportive of the faculty. Kerry has taught me a lot about compassion, empathy and communication during the brief but invaluable time I had the privilege and pleasure to spend working closely with her. Thank you so very much, Kerry.

Nominated by Brianna McKay

Lidya Salim

Graduate student (PhD candidate)
Faculty of Science

I want to nominate Lidya for doing such a fantastic job helping to record several lectures for the BIOL1020 course. Lidya stepped in without missing a beat and helped to ensure a smooth transition to an online format for our students. I really admire and appreciate her strength of character, dedication and positive attitudes! She always goes above and beyond what is expected of her as a graduate student/teaching assistant and does so with sincerity and a big smile!

Nominated by Annette Tavares

Ana Vakiloroayaei

Sessional Instructor
Faculty of Science (Biology)

It is a privilege to work alongside Ana. Whether her role is a co-instructor or lab coordinator for the courses I teach, her enthusiasm, positive attitude and dedication to our students is second to none. She has an incredible work ethic and always wants to make sure that students are treated fairly. In her role as lab coordinator, she is a true leader and inspires the TA's she mentors to do their best work. She always goes above and beyond what is expected of her as a sessional instructor. She genuinely cares about our students and wants them to succeed. What a wonderful attitude!

Nominated by Annette Tavares

Matthew Mackenzie

External Relations

Matthew - thank you for going a million extra miles to keep External Relations connected in the most fun ways. The virtual socials you plan for us are exactly what we need at this time to keep us connected from a distance!

Nominated by Samantha Cook

Ron Robertson

Business Solutions Specialist
IT Services

A big thank you to Ron (and the IT Services Department) for all of your help and assistance in navigating to online classes, meetings, etc during this time. Ron provided me with very helpful information and very detailed instructions on how to navigate my issues using Google Meeting. Timely solutions, that were easy to follow, and even going above and beyond by resolving some himself. I can certainly appreciate the volume of requests that are currently being received by IT and really appreciate the time and energy into the detailed responses I received. Thank you Ron!!

Nominated by Kirstie Ayotte

Allison Mann

Sessional Instructor

Allison has been simply amazing this week as we have been required to suddenly shift to an online format in the Faculty of Education. She initiated a meeting with a number of instructors to help them out in the Google Meet platform. She offered extremely helpful teaching suggestions to help classes run more smoothly. This was all on her own time - straight volunteer work. She was absolutely brilliant and helped put the other instructors at ease. And classes went VERY well because of her efforts and support. Challenging times can bring our the very best in people and this has certainly been the case with Allison. I am very grateful to have her as an instructor in our faculty.

Nominated by Robin Kay

Diana Petrarca

Director - BED Program

Diana puts her heart and soul into supporting our Bachelor of Education students and the numerous instructors of the BEd program. Our program has developed into one of the best in Ontario - our graduates are sought after, our instructors love teaching for us. This is largely due to the leadership and guidance of Diana. I could literally fill this form in every week to praise her efforts.

Nominated by Robin Kay

Haylea Leaman

Program Development Specialist
Student Life, Student Engagement and Equity

I want to nominate Haylea Leaman. Haylea has an amazing outlook and a positive attitude. Her sincerity and leadership in program development has allowed us to realize program outcomes that we thought were not achievable for some time. She has a can-do attitude and it shows up in every interaction with her. I am truly grateful for her dedication and hard work!

Nominated by Steve Thickett