Peers Recognizing Achievements in Standout Employees

Janine Haynes

Information and Client Services - Office of the Registrar

Janine is incredible at her work. In her interaction with applicants and students, with the Admissions team, and all other colleagues from across the university, she is always professional, courteous, and helpful. I have seen her de-escalate with great skill front-line situations, and listened to her provide in-person and telephone queries with precisely the information needed. She acts immediately to urgent requests, as in the case very recently, where an international student needed a document for an out-of-country student loan. She is also very effective in her interactions with the Admissions team, always ensuring that any point, question or issue that arises is dealt with promptly and for maximum benefit to all concerned. Thank you, Janine!

Nominated by Dan Vassiliou

Ryan Beaton

Digital Media Coordinator
Communications and Marketing

We are sending a HUGE shout out to Ryan Beaton for his role in filming and producing the Forensic Science Program’s most recent promotional video ( Ryan was professional, enthusiastic and had a clear vision for his video. Bonus points – he is an alumni of the program. We hope we get to work with you again, Ryan! Thank you so much.

- Forensic Science Undergraduate Program

Nominated by Forensic Science Undergraduate Program

Sarah Desjardins

Information and Client Services Coordinator II
Information and Client Services/Office of the Registrar

Sarah has volunteered to take on the role of updating our webpage as well as create registration webinars. This turned out to be a lot more work than originally anticipated. Her teamwork and initiative has been amazing. She has been able to stay ontop of all the extra work, prioritize, complete everything, all while still helping out the rest of the team in the regular day-to-day. Not only has she done so successfully, but her attitude has been extraordinary. This has allowed to whole team to be able to focus on the other duties, stay motivated and avoid burnout as we are gearing up to our busiest season.

Nominated by Maria Martinez

Caitlin Vlaskalin

Labour Relations Specialist
Human Resources

Over the past several months, I've had more than the usual number of complex situations arise and needed the support of Labour Relations more frequently. Caitlin Vlaskalin, the support person for my Faculty, has just been excellent, in terms of being a sounding board, offering advice (or seeking advice from others when she wasn't comfortable answering on her own), and facilitating solutions. She has been friendly, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and a pleasure to work with. I know how busy she has been, but she's been incredibly responsive and helpful.

Nominated by Greg Crawford

Jaclyn Formosa

Project Officer
Office of Campus Infrastructure and Sustainability

Earlier this year, Jaclyn Formosa was the project lead on my laboratory renovations. I am so happy to have worked with her, she is an absolute pleasure to work with from the start to finish of the project. Jaclyn was incredibly organized, insightful, thoughtful and enthusiastic about the project. She knew the right questions to ask, and I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome. All of this in a pandemic as well! As a relatively new faculty member to the university, I am so grateful to have Jaclyn involved with my laboratory start up. Thank you Jaclyn!!

Nominated by Theresa Stotesbury

Kyle Warner

web developer
Web and Digital Media Services

I'm a new university employee who was onboarded virtually. I did the online CMS training and 2 days later completed a virtual training session with Kyle on March 11. Approximately 2 weeks later, I attempted minor changes to my dept's pages solo but was having difficulty with items not updating. I requested a session with Kyle so I could share my screen and have him watch me to see what I was doing wrong. He answered my email immediately and arranged a session 3 days later. We connected and he watched my screen as I made some changes to remedy 404 errors. I have a good grasp of the technology (the website is well-designed), but we soon learned that I didn't have publisher status -- which Kyle rectified immediately. I like the software but there are always little nuances to learn and Kyle showed me a few tricks. Throughout the session, Kyle was very helpful, informative and professional. I appreciated his candor and wit and know I can count on him if I run into hurdles in future.

Nominated by Joanne Hamilton

Mike Prasad

Tech tupport analyst

I'm a new employee who was onboarded virtually (i.e. I did not finish my degree at OntarioTech, nor have I ever worked on campus or met anyone on campus prior to starting the job 5 weeks ago). Mike was a terrific help setting up my computers and monitors. I had some challenges and was missing some cords and had excess of others. We used our phones to FaceTime so he could see precisely what I was looking at and we figured how to configure the hardware properly. Mike was calm, cool and friendly and very nice to deal with it. It's been difficult not knowing the university culture, depts and people - let alone learning the ropes of the job itself, so I really appreciated Mike's help and professionalism.

Nominated by Joanne "Jo" Hamilton

Tricia Dwyer-Kuntz

Limited Term Faculty Member

Tricia has taught numerous courses in our Bachelor of Education program over the past 3-4 years. She is absolutely adored by her students, and rightfully so. She goes out of her way to provide support, guidance, resources and above all, care. In addition, she guides students through valuable Apple and Google Certification courses. She is equally generous with her colleagues, offering helpful and time-saving suggestions, particularly in the use of technology. Her sessions at our faculty of education conferences are extremely popular with educators across Ontario. In short, Tricia is a huge asset to our students, faculty and program and I am very grateful she is on our Faculty of Education team.

Nominated by Robin (Education)

Stephanie Thompson

BEd Program Director and Instructor

Stephanie, our Bachelor of Education program director, has done an amazing job guiding managing and guiding students and instructors in one of the most challenging times in the Faculty of Education. This term, she taught 4 courses and fulfilled all the duties of the program director glowingly. Her organization, focus and clarity have served our faculty well. I am incredibly grateful to have her support - she has definitely made my life so much easier.
Thank you Stephanie for your dedication to our students and faculty!

Nominated by Robin Kay

Mike Prasad

Technical Support Analyst

Thank-you so much for helping me to set up my computer and monitors after I received my laptop back from IT Services this week.

You are continuously helpful and super informative, and I am very grateful that we always have you to turn to in times of need. You help make our work life more efficient and IT savvy and your support and guidance is always very much appreciated!
Thank you for being so super patient and relaxed. I always feel you are listening carefully to my complete list of questions.
I leave our meetings with a better understanding of why we are doing things which helps me to better comprehend, and to be more self-sufficient should the same needs arise in the future.

AND thanks for those helpful hints and tips along the way (the ones I did not know I did not know).


Nominated by Cyndi Hillis