Peers Recognizing Achievements in Standout Employees

Kyle Warner

Web Developer
Communications and Marketing

Thank you Kyle for removing so many of our outdated Alumni website pages for us! Although they had been "hidden" from view, these pages were still searchable on the web which caused us to have several communications issues and users were reporting broken links. Now that they are officially deleted I can be certain that our alumni will have up to date information - and if they don't, well that's on me, not Google! It's also such a treat to have a cleaner-looking CMS as well now that some clutter has been removed. I know you're busy and that this task wasn't part of a project, so thank you thank you thank you!

Nominated by Jennifer Goldsmith

Jen Clarke

Projects and Production Officer
Communications and Marketing

Jen has been a tremendous support and guide during the rebrand. She is patient, listens to my questions and concerns, and offers thoughtful suggestions and ideas. During this massive undertaking, she has continually made time to explain and guide me through the rebranding process. Thank you Jen for all your help!

Nominated by Clarissa Livingstone

Patricia MacMillan

Senior Academic Advisor
Faculty of Social Science and Humanities

Patricia's commitment, support, and patience helping me as a new advisor in the faculty of SSH. Patricia is always available to answer questions and help through busy times. She is absolutely amazing to work with.

Nominated by Robin Secord

Nathalie Fitzsimmons

Administrative Assistant
Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science

Nathalie went out of her way to help me and the Faculty of Business and IT when we needed it! She is a great coworker!

Nominated by Deanna Frost

Shari Martin

Administrative Assistant, FEAS
Department of Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering

Shari always goes above and beyond her assigned duties, and her support on a recent project has been outstanding and is appreciated. Thank you!

Nominated by Shahryar Rahnamayan and Hossam Kishawy

Brad Semenick

Retail Services Assistant
External Relations

Brad and the team at the Hive have made a positive impact on the campus community. Their service and smiles have been a great perk to grabbing a coffee at the new 'local' coffee shop. It is not easy launching a new business, bringing a team together, and implementing new processes, but Brad assists with a smile. His contributions make a difference for morale and atmosphere. Thank you!

Nominated by Lydia Stewart-Goodison

Candice Hollinger

Retail Services Assistant
External Relations

Candice and the team at the Hive have been doing a stellar job launching a brand new special hub at the university. Candice's positivity and patient attitude is part of what makes the experience of going to the Hive such a pleasure. During a busy time of lots of change and learning, she has been very helpful to guests and fellow employees (and makes super yummy drinks!) - Thank you Candice!

Nominated by Lydia Stewart-Goodison

Paul Jeffrey

Lab Technician

I would like to recognize Paul for going above and beyond to help ensure items were installed in a SIRC meeting room ahead of an event being held there. He went out of his way to contact multiple people and helped to ensure the event was a success.
Thank you Paul!

Nominated by Deanna Frost

Sarah Worthington

Communications Coordinator
Office of the Registar

Sarah has been a tremendous asset in supporting the recruitment communication initiatives this year. In particular, she has shown her innovation and commitment to these projects to make them better than ever. Even with the added workload updating all of our collateral with a rebrand, she has been completely dedicated to ensuring everything was a success.

Nominated by Shannon Bracken

Nilani Chandran

HR Coordinator, Employment
Human Resources

Nilani's approachable, easy-going nature is so very much appreciated. I was having difficulty navigating the attendance program in Banner over the past two days and needed assistance a few times. Each time I reached out to Nilani, she was calm, approachable and offered assistance in her always friendly nature. It is so much appreciated, especially during this very busy time of year when interruptions are constant while there are still deadlines to maintain. Thank you, Nilani, for your knowledge and very friendly customer service!

Nominated by Lori Keilty