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Headshot of Barbara Perry

Barbara Perry


Director, Centre on Hate, Bias and Extremism

Criminology and Justice
Faculty of Social Science and Humanities

Global hate crime expert and leading author cultivates a society of education and victim support

Missing Pieces and Misplaced Priorities: An Acknowledgement of Right Wing Extremism in Canada

Vancouver, British Columbia February 6, 2016

Western Society of Criminology Annual Conference

The “Right” Response to Right Wing Extremism in Canada

Washington, DC November 21, 2015

American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting

Right Wing Extremism in Canada: An Environmental Scan of the Current State of the Canadian “Movement"

San Francisco, California November 18, 2015

71st Annual Meeting of American Society of Criminology

Identifying and Responding to Right Wing Extremism

Durham Regional Police Service Headquarters, Whitby, Ontario September 1, 2015

Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police Diversity Council

White Pride Worldwide: Constructing Global Identities Online

Brighton, United Kingdom May 7, 2015

Symposium on Internationalizing Hate Crime, Sussex University

Visibilities, Vilification and Violence: Islamophobic Hate Crime in Canada

Auckland, New Zealand June 4, 2014

Department of Sociology, Auckland University

Community Impacts of Hate Crime

Auckland, New Zealand June 4, 2014

Auckland University

Universal Suffering: A Global Continuum of Violence

University of Limerick, Ireland May 13, 2014

Symposium on Regulating Emotions, Research Cluster in Emotions and Society

Universal Suffering: Intervening Globally in Hate Crime

University of Sussex, Brighton, United Kingdom May 9, 2014

International Network for Hate Studies Conference

“Three Man Wrecking Crews”: Right Wing Extremism in Canada

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania February 20, 2014

Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Annual Meeting

Bound by the Code: Legal Constraints of Policing Gender-Motivated Violence in Canada

Atlanta, Georgia November 22, 2013

American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting

Seeing Muslims: Identities, Visibilities, and Islamophobic Violence in Canada

Nottingham, United Kingdom May 9, 2013

Nottingham-Trent University

Rejected and Dejected: The Impacts of Islamophobic Violence on Community Members

Leicester, United Kingdom May 8, 2013

Scarman Public Lecture, University of Leicester

I Don’t Know Where it is Safe: Trans Identified Womens' Experience of Violence

Albany, New York April 18, 2013

Explorations in Justice Conference, University of Albany

Right Wing Extremism in Canada: Preliminary Observations

Ottawa, Ontario March 15, 2013

Metropolis Conference

Community Impacts of Hate Crime

Niagara Falls, Ontario February 7, 2013

Ontario Provincial Police Blue Sky Conference on Hate Crime and Extremism

Confronting Homophobia: Full-day Workshop

Timmins, Ontario November 21, 2012

Council of Social Services

Right Wing Extremism in Canada: Acknowledging the Problem

Ottawa, Ontario November 9, 2012

Kanishka Opening Conference

UOIT’s Contribution to Oshawa’s Downtown Revitalization

Seattle, Washington November 2, 2012

Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences

Community Impacts of Hate Crime

Toronto Police College October 22, 2012

Hate Crime Symposium

Impacts of Islamophobic Violence

Salaheddin Islamic Centre, Scarborough, Ontario July 28, 2012

Islamophobia Symposium

Promising Practices in Responding to Hate Crime

Oxford, United Kingdom June 29, 2012

Hate Crime Symposium, Oxford Brookes University

American Society of Criminology

British Society of Criminology

Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences

American Sociological Association

Society for the Study of Social Problems