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Dennis Molinaro

Dennis Molinaro

Academic Associate

Legal Studies
Faculty of Social Science and Humanities

Dr. Molinaro's research is focused on counter-intelligence, foreign interference, the history of intelligence and the use of emergency powers in peacetime.


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  • BA - History Trent Univeristy 2003-2007
  • MA - History Queen's University 2007-2008
  • PhD - Canadian History, Intelligence and International Relations, North American Migration University of Toronto 2008-2015
  • The Bridge in Parks: The Five Eyes and Cold War Counter-Intelligence. University of Toronto Press, 2021 (ASPP funded).

  • An Exceptional Law: Section 98 and the Rise of the Emergency State, 1919-1936. Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History and the University of Toronto Press, 2017 (SSHRC and ASPP Funded). Ranked number 3 on The Hill Times 100 Best Books of 2017

  • Deportation of Immigrants and Ethnics in Canadian History Booklet. Commissioned by the Canadian Historical Association as part of the “Immigration and Ethnicity in Canada/l’immigration et l’ethnicité au Canada” booklet series. Fall/Winter 2018.
  • “In the Field of Espionage There’s No Such Thing As Peacetime, The Official Secrets Act and the PICNIC Wiretapping Program.” Canadian Historical Review 98 3 (September 2017).

  • “How the Cold War Began…With British Help: The Gouzenko Affair Revisited.” Labour/Le Travail. Volume 79 (Spring 2017).

  • “Citizens of the World: Law, Deportation and the Homo Sacer,1932-1934,” Canadian Ethnic Studies 47 3 (2015)143- 62.

  • “Annihilation Without Representation: Canada, Cuba and the use of Intelligence in the Cuban Missile Crisis.” Polymath: An International Arts and Sciences Journal 4 4 (Fall 2014).

  • “‘A Species of Treason?’ Deportation and Nation-Building: The Case of Tomo Čačić 1929-1934.” Canadian Historical Review 91 1 (March 2010): 61-85.
  • “Section 98: The Trial of Rex v. Buck et al and the ‘State of Exception’ in Canada, 1919-1936.” In Wright, Barry, Susan Binnie, Eric Tucker eds. Canadian State Trials Volume 4. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2015.

  • “Calculated Diplomacy: John Diefenbaker and the Origins of Canada’s Cuba Policy.” In Wright, Robert and Lana Wylie eds. Our Place in the Sun: Canada and Cuba in the Castro Era. eds. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2009.
  • “My Life as a Spy: Investigations in a Secret Police File (review),” Surveillance & Society, (Fall 2018).

  • “A Place in the Sun: Haiti, Haitians and the Remaking of Quebec (review),” Labour/Le Travail 80 (Fall 2017).

  • “Jobs and Justice: Fighting Discrimination in Wartime Canada (review),” Canadian Ethnic Studies, Volume 48 1 (2016).

  • “The Italians Who Built Toronto: Italian Workers and Contractors in the City’s Housebuilding Industry, 1950-1980 (review).” Labour/Le Travail (Spring 2016).

  • “Secret Service: Political Policing in Canada from the Fenians to Fortress America(review).” Canadian Historical Review. Volume 94 1 (March 2013): 161-163.

  • “Re-imagining Ukrainian Canadians: History, Politics and Identity (review).” Canadian Historical Review 93 2 (2012): 332-334.
  • LR Wilson Institute for Canadian History Post-Doctoral Fellowship. McMaster University, 2018.

  • Roy McMurtry Fellowship. Awarded by the Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History 2017-1018.

  • Symons Award for Canadian Studies (2017)

  • Award to Scholarly Publications Program (ASPP) for An Exceptional Law: Section 98 and the Emergency State, 1919-1936.

  • Peter Oliver Award for “Section 98: The Trial of Rex v. Buck et al and the ‘State of Exception’ in Canada, 1919-1936. Awarded by the Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History. 2016.

  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) 2013-2014

  • Margaret S. McCullough Scholarship in Canadian Historical Research, 2013

  • Jeanne Armour Scholarship 2011-2013

  • University of Toronto Fellowship 2010-2012

  • Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Doctoral Scholarship 2008-2011

  • University of Toronto Coburn Graduate Student Admissions Award 2008

  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) 2007-2008

  • Queen’s Graduate Scholarship 2007

  • Quaker Scholarship, Trent University 2007
  • Modern espionage

  • Human rights law

  • Foundations of legal studies

  • Sociology of law

  • Legal research methods

  • Integrating project