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Ms. Lyn McLeod

Doctor of Laws, honoris causa

Lyn McLeod was formally installed as the founding Chancellor of the university in 2004 and served in the role until 2008. During that time, we grew from a startup institution to a mid-sized university with a flourishing research program, a diverse array of undergraduate and graduate programs and a proven track-record of attracting and retaining some of the very best faculty, staff and students. In her role as Chancellor, Ms. McLeod was unwavering in her commitment and devotion to building a solid foundation for the institution to ensure its long-term success.

Ms. McLeod was elected to the Ontario Legislature in 1987 as the member for Fort William, which later became the riding of Thunder Bay-Atikokan. She was a member of David Peterson's Liberal cabinet from 1987 to 1990, and held the portfolios of Minister of Colleges and Universities, Minister of Natural Resources, and Minister of Energy. In 1992, Ms. McLeod became the first woman to be elected to the leadership of a political party in Ontario. Ms. McLeod was later the Ontario government representative on the Health Council of Canada, Chair of the Ontario Health Quality Council, and Vice-Chair of the Ontario Power Authority board of directors.