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Want to study abroad while still earning credits toward your degree? With an outbound exchange, the world awaits!

As an exchange student, you’ll have the opportunity to gain international learning experience and see the world. You’ll also remain eligible for bursaries, scholarships and financial aid, and pay Ontario Tech tuition fees while at our partner institutions.

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Student abroad


Partner institution: Universidad Tecnologica Nacional


Partner institution: Deakin University

I was invited to the University of Technology Sydney as an honorary faculty researcher and, in doing so, I was able to expand my research tremendously. There are too many great memories to list but my favorite by far was the spectacular Vivid Sydney annual festival where I saw many famous landmarks like the Harbor Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. My life has been forever enriched with these memories. Angela Skopyk PhD Applied Bioscience


Partner institution: FH Upper Austria University of Applied Science

My time abroad was something special to me. Going in with no expectations and the mindset of saying "I'm in" to every opportunity has led me to build an international group of great friends, travel to some unique places, try new and amazing foods, and to learn more about cultures. Ontario Tech helped me every step of the way, from the marketing of the international program that persuaded me to study abroad, to the guidance and preparation on how to live in a different country, and the messages from the international office while I was away so that I knew there was always someone who would help me. Jordan Pereira Bachelor of Commerce


Partner institution: Universidad Privada Boliviana


Partner institutions:

My exchange experience is definitely an eye-opener, and it allowed me to travel to one of the countries I have been wanting to visit, China. The exchange is unforgettable because I made memories with new friends. I would definitely come back to China and would like to do an exchange again. Isabelle Erasquin BSc Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Dominican Republic

Partner institution: Instituto Tecnologico de Santo Domingo


Partner institutions:

Working with this multinational team abroad has been a very humbling experience. Thanks to the Ontario Tech exchange office, Karlsruhe University of Applied Science and my supervising professor for making this dream possible. My stay at the university far exceeded my expectations of learning and mastering new skills. I'm very honoured to be selected as the first student from the university to go to Germany on exchange. Raphael Boulis BEng Automotive Engineering


Partner institution: Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

The opportunity provided by Ontario Tech to conduct research abroad is one to remember. I have learned an extreme amount during my stay here at IIT Ropar and have traveled throughout India, forming unforgettable memories. This was a once in a lifetime experience which I took full advantage of. I would recommend that future students take advantage of such a wonderful opportunity. Pranav Yadav BEng Software Engineering


Partner institution: Institute of Technology Blanchardstown (ITB)


Partner institutions:

When I first looked into studying abroad I only wanted to experience a research lab in another country, but my experience turned into so much more. Moving abroad means leaving your comfort zone and immersing yourself in a new and beautiful culture. After being in Torino, Italy for three months I learned patience, perseverance, and appreciation for another culture. I think if you know of an opportunity to travel and study abroad you should do everything in your power to make it happen. With thanks to the International Office at Ontario Tech, I was able to fulfill my dream of moving abroad and now get to check that off my list! Veronica Cavallari MSc in Materials Science


Partner institution: Lillehammer University College


Partner institution: Nanyang Technological University

Ontario Tech International Exchange was an incredible once in a lifetime opportunity. This experience was exceptional. The time that you are on exchange is going to be one of the best memories you will have of university. You will meet many new people, discover new things about yourself, and gain a new perspective. This is an incredible experience everyone should pursue. Rachit Desai BHSc Medical Lab Science

South Korea

Partner institution: Hallym University


Partner institution: Linköping University

Ontario Tech gave me the opportunity to attend Linköping University in Sweden for their summer academy. The next year, I traveled to Tanzania, Africa, as a Queen Elizabeth II Scholar; both were unforgettable adventures. The university was behind me the entire way, always checking in to see if I needed anything. If you want to travel—while earning credits—I recommend visiting the International Education office to see what exchanges you are eligible for. It is a great experience and I would not change it for the world! Jessica Moreau BSc Nursing


Partner institution: Yeditepe University

United Kingdom

Partner institutions:

Ontario Tech told my class about the amazing opportunity to travel to Cardiff, UK to work in a research lab and I knew it was something that I just had to do. My time there was amazing; I met new people, and have improved my lab skills while learning new ones. I will never forget my experience and I know it will only help me in my future. I encourage everyone who can to take an opportunity like this because it is something that you will not regret. Kayla Treflik BSc Chemistry