Education is an investment and we’ll help you achieve your dreams. Let’s take a look at how much your first year may cost:

Breaking it down...

Then add the approximate additional fees:

Item Cost (first year)
Ancillary fees/other expenses
Dependent on program of study.
Technology-enriched learning fee
Dependent on program of study.
$115 to $349
On-campus residences
Dependent upon room style.
$6,800 to $8,750
Meal plan
Dependent upon plan.
$3,259 to $6,649

Awards of recognition

You’ve worked hard for your grades. We want to recognize that hard work!

$4,000 95 per cent or higher
$2,000 90 to 94.9 per cent
$1,000 85 to 89.9 per cent

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In-course scholarships*

We’ll continue to recognize your academic achievements during your undergraduate degree, based on your grades in the previous academic year:

$1,500 4.0 or higher GPA
$1,000 3.7 to 3.99 GPA

*Minimum GPA and course load required and you must be returning to full-time studies. Amounts vary based on GPA and donor contributions.

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Maria Accardi, Women for STEM Scholarship recipient
Nuclear Engineering, Class of 2024

Aisha Sarwar, Women for STEM Scholarship recipient
Mechanical Engineering, class of 2023

Additional scholarships, awards and bursaries are available. The university determines acceptable academic credentials, grades and prerequisite courses to be used for eligibility. For more information on applications, terms and equal access, visit