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Adam Dubrowski profile photo

Adam Dubrowski

Canada Research Chair in Health-Care Simulation

Faculty of Health Sciences

Dr. Dubrowski's research focuses on development, validation and implementation of simulation resources for health professions education.


  • PhD in Kinesiology University of Waterloo Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 2001
  • MSc in Kinesiology University of Waterloo Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 1997
  • BSc in Kinesiology University of Waterloo Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 1996

For a comprehensive list of publications, visit PubMed.

  • Jewer J, Dubrowski A, *Dunne C, *Hoover, K, Smith A, Parsons M. (2019). Piloting a mobile tele-simulation unit to train rural and remote emergency health care providers. In Eds Wickramasinghe N. and Bodendorf F. Delivering Superior Health and Wellness Management with IoT and Analytics, Springer, New York.
  • Dubrowski R, Barwick M, Dubrowski A. (2018). “I wish I knew this before...”: An Implementation Science Primer and Model to Guide Implementation of Simulation Programs in Medical Education. In Safir O, Sonnadara R, Mironova P, Rambani R. Boot Camp Approach to Surgical Training. Springer International Publishing. [SRA]
  • Kapralos B, Uribe-Quevedo A, Dubrowski A. (2018). Immersive technologies for medical education. In Lee N (Ed). Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games, Springer International Publishing. Pp 1-8. DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-08234-9_130-1, Online ISBN 978-3-319-08234-9
  • Shiima Y, Duval-Armould JM, Dubrowski A, Hunt EA, Nishisaki A. (2016). Simulation research program development. In VJ Grant and A Cheng (Eds). Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Paediatrics. Chapter 29 (373-386). Springer International Publishing Switzerland.  eBook ISB 978-3-319-24187-6, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-24187-6, Series ISSN 2366-4479.
  • Kapralos B, Moussa F, Collins K, Dubrowski A. (IN PRESS) Levels of fidelity and multimodal interactions. In P. Wouters and H. van Oostendorp (Eds.) Techniques to Improve the Effectiveness of Serious Games, Springer Advances in Game-based Learning Book Series.
  • Kapralos B, Moussa F, Dubrowski A. (2014). An overview of virtual simulations and serious games for surgical education and training. In A. Brooks, S. Braham, & J. Lain (Eds), Technologies of Inclusive Well-Being, Chapter 14 (pp. 289-306). Springer Series Studies in Computational Intelligence: Heidelberg, Germany.
  • de Ribaupierre S, Kapralos B, *Haji F, Stroulia E, Dubrowski A & Eagleson R. (2014). Healthcare training enhancement through virtual reality and serious games. In Ma M, Lakhmi C, Jain L & Anderson P (Eds.), Virtual Augmented Reality and Serious Games for Healthcare 1, Chapter 2 (pp.9-27). Springer-Verlag: Berlin, Heidelberg.
  • Bock O, Dubrowski, A. (2013). Psychomotor Skills. In Lanzer P. Catheter-Based Cardiovascular Interventions: A Knowledge-Based Approach. Springer Berlin Heidelberg (
  • Dubrowski A, MacRae H. (2010). Measurement of competence. In: Park A, Klein RV, editors. Minimally invasive surgery training: theories, methods, outcomes [Internet]. Washington: Department of Health & Human Services (US), National Institutes of Health, National Library of Medicine; 2010 January [cited 2010 May 25]; Chapter 2. 

* Indicates work done by a student.

Tri-council funding (2010 to current)

  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, Research Tools and Infrastructure (Research Tools and Instruments - Category1). Serious games development and testing facility: Developing serious games that maximize knowledge transfer and retention. Kapralos B, (Co-PI), Dubrowski (Co-PI). 2013. ($28,993).
  • Canadian Patient Safety Institute and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Partnerships for Health Improvement/Building Skills, changing practice: simulator training for hand hygiene protocols. McGeer A, Dubrowski A (Co-PI), Beduz M. A. 2009-2011. ($425,616).
  • CIHR-Community Alliances for Health Research & Knowledge Exchange on Pain, J. Henry (PI) $2,500,000. Theme 2: E-learning interprofessional curriculum resources for pre- licensure health science students across Canada. Watt-Watson J. (PI), McGillion M, Lax L, Hunter J, Dubrowski A (Co-PI).  2008-2012. ($350,000).
  • Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada; Image, Text, Sound and Technology Program. Interactive community simulation environment for Public Health curriculums. Kapralos B, *Hogan M, Muirhead B, Dubrowski A (Col), 2009-2010. ($49,452).
  • Collaborative Health Research Projects (NSERC/CIHR). Integration of bio-physiological information with a point-of-care decision support system for safer patient care. Doran DM, Goubran R, Doherty S, Knoefel F, Dubrowski A (Co-I). Industry partner collaborators: Graves A (Nortel), Smith A (Hinext), RIM, Lefebre N (Saint Elizabeth Healthcare), Remus S (St. Michaels Hospital). 2008-2010. ($455,310).
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council. Self regulated motor learning: mechanisms and application. Dubrowski A (PI). 2008-2013. ($75,000).

Ministry and government funding (2010 to current)

  • Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency. Healthcare Solutions, Medical Education and Three-dimensional Printing in Newfoundland and Labrador. Dubrowski A (PI), Bartellas M, Ryan S, Paterno G. 2017-2019. ($1,450,000)
  • Memorial Chairs of Teaching and Learning. Building Simulation Teaching and Scholarship Capacity in Rural and Remote Newfoundland and Labrador.  Dubrowski, A., (PI). 2015-2017. ($30,000).
  • Ministry of Health and Long Term Care via SIM-one Simulation Research Grant. A Serious Game for Medical-Based Cultural Competence Education and Training. Kapralos, B., Dubrowski, A. (Co-PI), Randall, N., Brudnoy, L., Sheppard, A., Yoksimovitch, M., Collins, K., Haji, F. 2013-2014.  ($25,000).
  • Ministry of Health and Long Term Care via SIM-one Simulation Research Grant. Observational Practice and Educational Networking : Extending the Simulation-based Education beyond the Simulation Laboratory.  Grierson, L., Dubrowski, A., Kapralos, B., Brydges, R., Bernard, C., Musson, D. 2013-2014.  ($25,000).
  • Whitehead, C., Dubrowski, A. (Co-PI), McCarthy, L., Carnahan, H., Kapralos, B., Cheung, J. H. Assessing the interest, acceptability, and usability of social networking to support a primary care patient-centered model for vulnerable older adults. Women’s College Hospital, AFP. ($30,000).
  • Workers Compensation Board (WCB) of Manitoba, Research and Workplace Innovation Program (RWIP). Development and testing of a serious game to decrease injury in the fire service by training safer lifting techniques and decision making skills. Murphy B, Dubrowski A (Col), Hogue AR, Kapralos B, McLellan TM, Mior SA, Triano J, Passmore SR.  2012-2014. ($199,167).

International funding (2010 to current)

  • Canada-Latin America and the Caribbean Research Exchange Grants (LACREG). Building Capacity for Effective Simulation Augmented Training of Health Care Workers: Development, Implementation and Evaluation of a Sustainable Program. Dubrowski, A. (PI), Norceide, C. 2015-2016. ($15,000).
  • Cooperative Research Project at RIE, Shizuoka University, Research Institute of Electronics, Shizuoka University, Japan. Multimedia interaction interfaces in collaborative e-Learning environments.  Kapralos B, Jenkin M, Vassileva J, Taki H,  Nonaka H, Collins K, Dubrowski A (Co-I), Matsuda N, Todorova N, Vynnycky M,  Hogue A, Nacke L, Brimkov B, Sakai S,  Inokowa H,  Kanev M. 2012-2013. ($8,000.00).
  • Development Partnership in Higher Education: British Council. A training cascade for Ethiopian surgical and obstetrical care: An interprofessional, educational, leadership and skills training program. Derbew M, Dubrowski A (Co-PI), Kneebone R.  2008-2011. ($130,000).

Board of Directors, Simulation Canada

Academic Council, Ontario Tech University, Member

maxSIMhealth Advisory Committee, Ontario Tech University, Chair

Deputy Editor, Cureus Journal of Medical Science: Archives of Simulation Scholarship and Educational Techniques.

Associate Editor, BMC Medical Education