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What are micro-credentials?

A micro-credential is a digitally-recorded recognition of a small, specific skill. It is a portable communication tool that represents evidence of your skills for employers, educators, and peers. Micro-credentials are created with industry, so you can be assured that the skills you are learning are in demand and current.

Micro-credentials are different from more traditional learning experiences. A micro-credential may recognize learning obtained from a particular experience (such as a workshop), it may not, or both. They are designed to fit in with busy schedules and adapt quickly to changing needs in the workforce.


A pathway illustration, with badges along the way.

Choose learning that fits your interests and schedule

Micro-credentials are short, competency-based learning opportunities that are closely aligned to the needs of industry. You can build your own custom pathway with learning that fits what you need.

An illustration of a digital badge, with the Ontario Tech University logo

Receive recognition of your skills

Digital badges record and recognize your achievements. More than just an image, they contain verifiable data of how you earned the credential.

An illustration of two level-one badges, stacking toward a level 2 badge

Build toward higher learning

Micro-credentials can be stacked toward higher-level micro-credentials, showing evidency of proficiency and advanced skills.

An illustration of a digital badge being shared on a smartphone.

Share your achievements

Add badges to social media profiles, share with colleagues, employers, professors, and others in your network. Badges give context to a transcript or resume by displaying your specific skils and provide secure proof to employers of your abilities. 


Behind the Badge, there's data inside.

What are Micro-credentials?

Micro-credentials are a way to recognize the skills you have developed and demonstrated. The types of skills recognized are developed in partnership with industry, community partners, and employers. Learning can be recognized from anywhere - on the job experience, volunteer work, formal education, and more. The recognition is awarded in the form of a digital badge, which is verifiable and sharable on social media.


Why Micro-credentials?

Micro-credentials allow you to gain recognition for skills in a short amount of time. They allow to you complement your education, add context to a resume, or show evidence of retraining or upskilling. You can easily demonstrate proof of these skills to employers.


Why Digital Badges?

A badge is the digital representation of an earned micro-credential. Only people who have had their skills assessed will be able to earn a micro-credential and display its badge. Badges are not just an image file: they have metadata within them that includes proof of ownership and a description of your skills.


Earn free micro-credentials

Earn free micro-credentials

Explore other learning opportunities

Explore other learning opportunities

Create micro-credentials (staff + faculty)

Create micro-credentials (staff + faculty)

Join the talent pipeline

Join the talent pipeline

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