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More than just a place to live! Residence provides students with the opportunity to build friendships and experience life on campus. 

First-year students who apply for residence during the Virtual Open House will have their application fee waived and be automatically entered into a draw to receive their first choice of residence hall type!

Follow us on Instagram during the Virtual Open House and be entered into a draw to win a $100 Visa gift card!

Instagram Live Residence Tour at 1 p.m.
Our Residence Life Coordinator Tobias Barkley will take you on a tour of our residence buildings while our Residence Services Supervisor Nicole Burnet answers your live questions and answers. Follow us @dcotres!

Missed the live tour? No problem, send us an email at  and we'll set up a personal virtual tour with you. 


Learn more about residence

  • How do I apply?

    Visit our residence website to create an application on our housing portal. First year students who apply by June 1, 2020 are guaranteed a space in residence. Please note there is a $100 non-refundable application fee to submit your application. 

    First year students who apply for residence during the Virtual Open House will have their application fee waived and be automatically entered into a draw to receive their first choice of residence hall type! 


  • What residence hall types are available and how much do they cost?

    Our residences offer convenience, great friendships and the chance to connect with all that campus life has to offer. The Simcoe Village and South Village residences offer safe, clean, and comfortable living accommodations for over 1,300 students. 

    The details below are for September 2020 to April 2021 residency. For more details,  view our suite comparisons chart.

    Simcoe Village Residence

    A meal plan is optional for students living in Simcoe Village Residence. 

    South Village Residence

    A meal plan is required for students living in South Village Residence.

  • What are the benefits of living on campus, rather than off-campus?

    Whether your goal is to make more friends, focus on your academics, or develop your leadership skills, you'll enjoy your time in Ontario Tech housing! 

    Benefits to living on campus include: 

    • An 8-month lease.
    • 24/7 Front Desk staff.
    • Residence Outreach Worker.
    • Resident Advisor Staff and nightly programming.
    • Maintenance staff on-site.
    • Bi-weekly housekeeping services.
    • On-site laundry.
    • Games rooms and study spaces.
    • Freedom to choose your own roommate.
    • Fully furnished room with all utilities included.
    • Dedicated study space complete with workshops in time management, study skills and writing for free.
  • How does roommate matching work?

    Are you wondering who your roommate will be next year? Do you already know someone who you would like to live with?

    There are three ways you can be matched with a roommate in our housing portal.  

    Request your roommate

    Do you already know who you would like to live with?

    On the ‘Medical, Accessibility, Special Considerations, and Roommate Requests’ step of the housing portal, you have the option to write the name of your desired roommate. In order for us to accommodate this request  you must be accepted into the same room style as your desired roommate and your requested roommate must also request you. 

    Find a roommate 

    In August, you will gain access to the roommate section of the portal. In the roommate section of the Housing Portal you will be able to browse through potential roommate options and have the opportunity to have conversations with potential roommates. You will be able to send roommate requests and accept roommate requests. If the person you sent a roommate request to accepts your request you will be matched together.

    More information about this process will be sent out in late July prior to the roommate section opening.

    Be matched with a roommate

    Residence staff will match you will a compatible roommate based on the answers from your personality profile questions. Toward the end of August, we will email all of the residents their roommate’s first name and screen name. With this information you will be able to communicate with your new roommate through the portal.

    Please note: We will do our absolute best to accommodate your roommate request, but due to the complexity of the roommate matching process we may not be able to guarantee your request.

  • How can I contact the residence staff?

    Live chat

    Have a question about residence? Use the live chat function on our website. Live chat is always staffed with a residence services representative. Today during the Virtual Open House, you will be able to speak with:

    • Marc Athanas, Residence Life Manager
    • Jaclyn O’Sullivan, Operations Manager
    • Nicole Burnet, Residence Services Supervisor
    • Marta Borowska, Residence Services Supervisor
    • Jocelyn Donovan, Residence Services Supervisor    
    • Melissa Amorim, Sale Manager


    Follow us on Instagram @dcotres to see what we are up to. We are available to answer questions through direct messages. Today at 1 p.m. we will be going live to host a virtual tour of both residence buildings followed by a live question and answer session.

    Contact us

    Have questions after open house? Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We are here for you!