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Important admissions information

  • How to accept your offer

    Congratulations on your offer of admission. You've made a great choice!

    To become our newest student, complete these steps:

    Step 1:

    Browse the information on this website to learn more about your offer of admission and life at the university. If your offer is conditional, please ensure you review and understand the conditions.

    Step 2:

    Accept your offer through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) by the date specified in your offer of admission.

    Step 3:

    To reserve your seat, submit your $500 non-refundable tuition deposit* to the university by the date specified in your offer of admission. For instructions on how to pay your tuition deposit and information about course registration, visit the pay your tuition deposit web page.

    Please note: You must wait two to three working days after accepting your offer of admission on OUAC to pay the deposit.

    Welcome to our community! We look forward to welcoming you on campus. Check your email often to ensure you receive valuable information about us—your university.

  • What is a conditional offer of admission?

    The offer of admission is conditional upon satisfactory completion of all courses currently in progress, including program prerequisites, English language proficiency requirements (if applicable), and the minimum final average stated in your offer of admission. For competitive programs (Nursing, Medical Laboratory Science and Nursing - post-RPN), the latest date for all admission requirements to be met is July 12, 2024. For all other programs, the latest date for all admission requirements to be met is August 9, 2024. Failure to meet the admission requirements by the deadline will result in the withdrawal of your offer.

  • What are my conditions?
    • Complete all courses currently in progress.
    • English language proficiency (if applicable).
    • Complete all prerequisite courses with the required minimum grades (if applicable).
      • If using college courses for prerequisites, in general, two relevant college courses are equivalent to one high school prerequisite.
      • Prerequisite courses can be fulfilled by high school, college or university courses.
      • Maintain the minimum final admissions average as outlined in your offer of admission.

    Below is an example of an offer letter. The highlighted areas are the conditions of your offer.

    Offer of Admission

    March 4, 2020

    John Smith
    2000 Simcoe Street North
    Oshawa, Ontario L1G 0C5

    Student Number: 100123456

    Dear John,

    Congratulations on your admission to Ontario Tech University. The details of your offer(s) are outlined below.

    Program: Bachelor of Health Science (Hons), Medical Laboratory Science
    Faculty: Health Sciences
    Entry Term: Fall 2020
    Type of offer: Conditional Offer of Admission
    Accept your offer no later than: March 29, 2020
    Minimum final admissions average: 78 per cent
    Prerequisites/equivalent courses: ENG4U (minimum 60 per cent), SBI4U, SCH4U and one of MHF4U or MCV4U. Combined minimum average of 70 per cent in prerequisite math and science courses.  

  • When is my offer finalized?

    To finalize your offer, we must have the following:

    • All documentation listed in your Applicant Portal.
    • The required minimum final admission average as outlined on your offer of admission.
  • Alternative offers of admission

    If you do not meet the admission requirements for the program you applied to, or your average was below the cut-off, we may extend an offer of admission to a different program for which you are eligible.

    Should you later become eligible for your original program choice, your application may be reconsidered if there is space in the program at that time.

    If you have received an alternative offer and require more information, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

  • English language proficiency requirements

    All applicants must provide proof of English language proficiency. This requirement can be satisfied with one of the following criteria:

    • Your first language is English.
    • You have completed at least three years of formal, full-time study (no less than three courses per semester) at a secondary or post-secondary institution where the language of instruction and examination is English.
      Please note: The minimum three-year requirement does not include time enrolled in an English as a Second Language program.
    • You have achieved the required proficiency in one of the English language tests acceptable to the university.
  • Glossary of terms

    Admission average - Average grade calculation based on six 4U or M courses including prerequisites for secondary school graduates and just on the prerequisite courses for all other applicants.

    Advanced standing - Applicants who have completed university-level courses while in secondary or post-secondary school may be eligible to earn credits toward their degree.

    Alternate offer - Applicants who do not meet the admission requirements or whose application cannot be accommodated due to reasons outlined by the Admissions office may receive an offer to another closely related program.

    Confirmation deposit - A $500 non-refundable fee, payable to the university when you accept your offer of admission. The fee confirms your intention to enrol at the university and is required prior to registering for courses. 

    Please note: This payment is separate from the residence deposit. For any residence payments, please log into your Housing Portal.

    Conditional offer - Applicants may be given conditional offers of admission based on current academic standing. To maintain an offer of admission, an applicant must successfully complete the outstanding requirements as detailed in the offer of admission. Applicants who hold conditional offers of admission and have paid their deposit are able to register for courses in June/July. 

    Deferral of application - When a student with a firm offer is approved to defer their application to a later date. Applicants who are offered admission may apply to defer their application by one year. When an application is deferred, the applicant will not have to re-apply but will be reassessed for admissibility on a competitive basis in the relevant admission period. For more information, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

    FIPPA - Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

    Firm/Final offer - All requirements for admission have been met and the offer is confirmed.

    Good academic standing - When a student meets the standards prescribed for continuing in the university and/or their program, they are in good academic standing.

    GPA - The abbreviation for grade point average. A semester GPA is the weighted average of the grade points awarded on the basis of academic performance during a single semester. A cumulative GPA is the weighted average of the grade points awarded in all courses completed by a student at the university.

    Letter of Acceptance for Study Permit Purposes - A key document for international students to apply for a study permit. This is included in your offer letter if you do not have domestic status in Canada.

    Prerequisite - Required courses needed to be considered for a program of study.

    Registration - The process of selecting, enrolling in and being assessed for fees for courses.

    Rescind / Revoke - The university may withdraw an offer of admission when an applicant does not meet the requirements of his or her offer.

    Scholarship average - Average grade calculation based on an applicant's top six grade 4 U or M courses, or equivalent, for Ontario Secondary School graduates. For average grade calculation for out-of-province applicants please see our out-of-province equivalencies

    Student Number - The nine-digit unique identification number (100xxxxxx) for all students at the university. Your Student Number can be found on any communication sent to you by the university.

    Transfer credit - Academic credit granted for coursework completed at an institution other than the university.

  • Application status

    To view your application status, follow the steps below:

    Step 1: Visit the Applicant Portal login page to access your student account.
    Step 2: Log in using your student number (100xxxxxx) as the username and your date of birth as the password (MMDDYY format).
    Step 3: Select the Applicant tab at the top of your screen.
    Step 4: Select the Applicant Portal link.

    If you are unable to log into your Applicant Portal, please contact IT Services at 905.721.3333.

    Any requests for additional documentation will be listed in the Applicant Portal. All outstanding documentation should be sent to:

    Admissions - Office of the Registrar
    Ontario Tech University
    2000 Simcoe Street North
    Oshawa, Ontario  L1G 0C5

    Once documentation has been processed, the date of receipt will appear in the Applicant Portal. Updates are posted to the Applicant Portal regularly so make sure to check your account often.

    Please feel free to contact the Office of the Registrar regarding any questions you may have.