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Placement information

Where do Faculty of Education students go on practicum?

Our has affiliations with eight different school boards. You must complete your field placement in one of these partner school boards. Note: Placements are restricted to schools within our partner school boards listed below—no exceptions.

For more information about each board, visit its website by selecting one of the links below.

When do students go on practicum? 

View the 2018-2019 Field Experience Handbook, page 2, for practicum dates for the current academic year.

Can I find my own placement?

All placements are co-ordinated through the Practicum office. You are not to contact schools or school boards regarding field placements. Contacting a school for a specific placement could jeopardize your placement in the school board as well as the university's partnership with the school board. If you have a specific issue or concern, please discuss it with the Practicum Manager. It is strongly advised that you do not complete a placement in a school where any family members are present. Please note: Placements are restricted to schools within our partner school boards listed above—no exceptions.

Can I complete my field placement in a Catholic school if I'm not Catholic?

Teacher candidates should be Catholic if they want to do placements in Catholic schools. Also, to secure employment in a Catholic school board, you are required to provide documentation that reflects your commitment to Catholic education, including a pastoral letter of reference. Check the Catholic board websites and they will give you the required documentation to teach in that particular board.

Can I complete my field placements in more than one board?

Your field placements will take place in one school board; however, they will likely be in three different schools within that board. It's often very difficult to change boards. If you have a concern, please contact the Practicum Manager. Please note: Placements are restricted to schools within our seven partner school boards listed above—no exceptions.  

Can I complete a field placement in an independent school?

Consideration will be given to independent school placements for Field Experience III and is contingent on the successful completion of the first and second placements. The school must be partnered with our university's Faculty of Education and a member of the Conference of Independent Schools. The request for an independent school placement must be approved and is at the discretion of the Practicum Specialist. More information about independent school placements will be provided to you during the school year.

In the Intermediate/Senior program, am I required to teach both of my teachables?

While it is ideal to have practicum experience in both teachable subject areas, you are required to teach some of one of your teachable subjects at the senior level (grade 11 or 12). This experience must be recorded on your Field Experience Final Report.

Who will evaluate me when I am on field placement?

You will be evaluated by your Associate Teacher for each field placement. Reports are read and approved by the Practicum Specialist and you receive reports electronically through our online evaluation system, the Field Experience Portal.

What grade levels will I teach in the Primary/Junior program?

In the Primary/Junior Program, you will complete three field placements: Primary (grades 1 to 3), Junior (grades 4 to 6) and Kindergarten.

What will my workload be like during field placement?

The field placements and university course work can be very heavy and demanding. Therefore, you are strongly discouraged from working part-time while completing the BEd program. By putting forth the required time and energy, you are more likely to achieve positive results and have a more successful start to your teaching career.

I don't have a car. Can I get a placement near my house?

Requests for specific school areas are passed along to the school board. However, due to the number of faculties of education competing for placements, requests can't always be accommodated by the school board. Due to the extensive geographic area we cover, it's possible that your travel time to your placement could take up to an hour or longer. It's your responsibility to ensure you have a reliable means of transportation to field placements.

What should I do if I'm absent during field experience?

The reason for your absence should be legitimate (e.g., sick, death in the family or unexpected circumstances). You must notify the Associate Teacher of your absence via the school office before school begins for the day, as well as notifying the Practicum Manager via email or phone. An absence of three or more days due to illness will require a note from your doctor submitted to the Practicum Manager. You are required to make up any missed field experience days. If you are absent, you are required to submit lesson plans for any of the subjects you were scheduled to teach.