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Nursing students

If you have been accepted into the Nursing program, you are required to supply the Faculty of Health Sciences with the following additional information:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Honours)

There are a number of pre-placement requirements that need to be met prior to students attending placement in the nursing program. You can find a checklist of all requirements on the Nursing Program Office website: Pre-placement requirements

Students in the first year of their respective program have the following due dates:

Program Due date
Collaborative BScN First Friday in October
RPN to BScN bridge First Friday in December

It is important that you begin the process of obtaining the mandatory Pre-Placement Requirements well in advance of your stated deadline. The program recommends you begin the process as per the timelines stated below:

Collaborative BScN June/July
RPN to BScN bridge September/October

Please note: Co-op work permits are required for international students as part of the pre-placement requirements. For more information on how to apply for the co-op work permit, please refer to the International website.

Speak with your international student advisor if you have further questions. You can find their contact information below:

  1. Email:
  2. In-person appointment through the Student Life Portal.

If you do not meet all pre-placement requirements by the stated deadline, you will not be eligible to proceed to practicum placement.

Placements within the Nursing program are assigned based on availability and typically are within one hour of campus by car.  Although some extenuating circumstances may be considered, you may be placed in any affiliated placement site used by the program. You are responsible for any costs associated with transportation to and from practicum. 

Before undertaking the BScN program, students should be aware that they will be expected to perform competencies that meet the standards of practice of the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO), so they are prepared for the clinical environment. View the CNO standards and guidelines.