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Certificates of Insurance

Each year, the University participates in a series of activities and/or events both on and off campus which may require the use of an external service provider. An external service provider may also be known as a contractor or vendor. All external service providers coming on to the University premises to do work or provide services are required to have insurance.  Insurance is necessary to cover any claims or losses for which the contractor, vendor, or service provider may be responsible for.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Certificate of Insurance (COI)?
    A Certificate of Insurance is a standard document issued by an insurance company (insurer) or broker which evidences that an insurance policy exists for that particular external service provider (aka policyholder), and provides information such as the insurer name, insurance agency, policyholder, types of insurance, policy numbers, effective dates, limits, certificate holder, cancellation procedure, and special provisions, e.g.; additional insured.
  • When is a Certificate of Insurance required?

    A certificate is required when the University contracts with an external service provider for materials, equipment, supplies, or services, due to the liability risk facing the institution, created inherently by those activities and/or goods. The goal of this document is to protect the University and its members from loss or exposure to loss resulting from any alleged negligence by the vendor who furnishes services to Ontario Tech. By obtaining an appropriate certificate of insurance and maintaining a current certificate of insurance on file, it confirms that insurances exist for the external service provider as well as the transfer of liability from the University to the external service provider.

    A Certificate of Insurance should be obtained anytime an external service provider is:

    • Providing any goods or services for use for Ontario Tech;
    • Performing any type of operation and/or work on University property;
    • Doing any work on behalf of the University;
    • Occupying University space for any such use e.g.; meeting, events.
  • What are some examples of services that would require a Certificate of Insurance?

    An external service provider may be providing any of the following services:  

    • Transportation to campus or to an off-campus event
    • Catering 
    • Equipment & Rental services
    • Photography
    • Animal Therapy
    • Décor
    • Construction

    This list should be used as a guide. Ultimately, any third party organization providing a service would fall into this category. 

  • What are some common insurance coverage requests?

    Evidence of general liability insurance is the most common request. Depending upon the service being performed, additional coverages such as automobile, non-owned automobile, contractors equipment liability, professional liability, or cyber insurance may be requested. 

    Risk Management can assist in determining the types of insurance coverage required on the certificate, depending upon the service being performed and the risks to the University.  

  • Guide for Requesting a Certificate of Insurance from an External Service Provider

    In cases where a Certificate of Insurance is required, the University member should:

    • For contract agreements, ensure the provision of insurance is part of the contract agreement; 
    • Request the Certificate of Insurance from the external service provider in advance of the work being performed and/or the start of a contract; 
    • The certificate must name the University as an additional insured, and Durham College in cases where the activity is taking place on Durham College property or includes the College community;
    • Share a copy with Risk Management for appropriate insurance filing;
    • Maintain a copy on file in accordance with the Records Management Policy.
  • Guide for Requesting a Certificate of Insurance from Risk Management for Activities and/or Events off Campus

    For University activities taking place off-campus e.g.; renting external space, the University may be required to provide a Certificate of Insurance, as part of the contract agreement. 

    If a certificate is required, please provide the following details to Risk Management:

    • Certificate Holder: Name of the organization or entity for which the certificate should be created;
    • Certificate Holder address: Full address of the organization, including postal code 
    • Contact name, title, and contact details e.g.; email, phone, of the person to which the certificate should be provided;
    • Nature of Operations: The activity taking place
    • Date(s) of the activity or term of the contract agreement 
    • Who is performing and/or taking part in this activity from the University community e.g.; students, staff, faculty
    • Proof of insurance required (dollar amount)

    Please request the certificate a minimum of 7 days in advance of the activity being performed to avoid delays in receiving the document on time. 

For further information regarding Certificates of Insurance please contact:

Office of Risk Management