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Office of Institutional Research and Analysis (OIRA)

The purpose of the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis (OIRA) is to provide administration and faculty with consistent and accurate data in order to facilitate planning, policy formation and decision making. The office coordinates the collection of data needed for responses to internal and external requests for information, develops and implements surveys and keeps informed of changes in government policy relating to higher education.

OIRA responsibilities include:

Institutional Enrolment and Accountability: Institutional Planning and Budget:


  • Enrolment reporting and monitoring
  • Accountability Reports (CUDO, MYAA, Surveys, etc.)
  • Retention
  • Pathways


  • Enrolment planning and forecasting
  • Space planning/forecasting
  • Long range projections of operating revenues
  • Human Resources (Staffing) requirement forecasting
  • Cognos implementation
  • Cognos training and support

diagram of OIRA

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If you have a specific request for information, please complete the Data Request Form.