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Essential services

The following information is an excerpt (Section 6) from the university’s Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Closure policy and procedure.

The operations deemed to be Essential Services that must be kept in operation when the university is closed are as follows:

  • Campus Security
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Emergency repair and maintenance
  • Food service in residence
  • HVAC and electrical service
  • Information Technology Services
  • Labs that require continued operation, including animal care
  • Parking services
  • Residence and Conference Centre
  • Snow removal (grounds crew), if required
  • Switchboard

Deans and directors are responsible for assigning duties to be conducted and for making reasonable arrangements for the protection of essential services staff. The specific staff members who will be responsible for maintaining the above Essential Services are designated by the Dean or director responsible for those services. Deans and directors will consider individuals’ needs in assigning duties for Essential Services.