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Weather-related closures and cancellations

When conditions become so severe that the university cannot operate effectively, a decision may be made to change scheduled operations, resulting in class cancellations, early departure for non-essential employees or, in rare cases, close campus buildings.

A decision to close the university, or any campus location, will be made by the Emergency Management Response Team (EMRT) on behalf of the university President. Such decision will only be made after a careful assessment of conditions that place, or are likely to place, members of the campus community in danger or that may have a substantial adverse effect on normal campus operations.

Individuals travelling to and from campus are reminded to leave enough time to travel safely. Individuals living in areas more heavily impacted by the weather should use their judgment and discretion when coming to campus, with safety being always their first consideration.

Timely and accurate announcements regarding changes in the university’s scheduled operations will be made using our emergency communication channels.