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Facilities and Ancillary Services

Facilities and Ancillary Services Declaration of Quality Service Delivery

Facilities and Ancillary Services are responsible for a wide range of functions in supporting the entire campus community. These services range from development, construction, renovation and maintenance of new and existing buildings, to food service, security, housekeeping, retail operations and logistical services.

Mission statement

We develop, operate and maintain the campus facilities in a responsible and progressive manner in support of excellence while enhancing and preserving our physical environment for current and future users.

Values statement

Facilities and Ancillary Services serve students, stakeholders and the campus community with particular attention to the following values:

All members of the campus community are our highest priority and we serve them in a way that respects individual needs and safety.

We carry out all our responsibilities with quality, integrity and ethical behaviour.

Our workplace is fun and challenging and driven by clear expectations, teamwork and mutual respect.

We use our resources efficiently by employing innovative business practices and technology.

Service pledge

We want to provide students, colleagues and suppliers with the best possible service. We will provide service that is:

Communicated - We provide services that are well communicated to the campus community through a variety of mediums

Responsive - We provide service that is responsive to your needs

Proactive - We provide innovative service keeping future needs in mind

Efficient - We aim to provide service in an efficient and dependable manner with your needs in mind

Accessible - We make ourselves accessible to clients through e-mail, telephone or in person service

Continuous Improvement - We are committed to the on-going improvement of all of our services

Our commitment to you

Facilities and Ancillary Services is committed to providing quality service to ensure a safe, clean and comfortable campus to be enjoyed by students, staff and visitors. Responding to client needs is our main priority.

All client requests requiring immediate response should be emailed to the Service Desk.

If you have any general comments regarding our services, please contact:

Beth Smith
Facilities and Ancillary Services
905.721.8668 ext. 2213