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Statement about conflict in Ukraine

Message from Ontario Tech’s president:

March 4, 2022

In recent days, our Ontario Tech University community has been shocked and saddened by the Russian Federation’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The escalation of this hostile, unprovoked attack on Ukrainian sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity is inflicting catastrophic levels of human suffering.  It also challenges the principles of freedom and democracy, which are fundamental to the preservation of peace and human rights throughout the world.

Ontario Tech University stands with the international community to denounce this act of war and call for an immediate resolution to the conflict.

Our hearts are with all those affected on our campus, and beyond it. We recognize that we have students, faculty and staff with deep cultural and historical ties to Ukraine, or with family and friends currently in the region. We also recognize that we have university community members with ties to Russia who equally join in denouncing war and desiring peace. We ask you to be patient, respectful, and to treat each other with compassion in these tense times. As an academic community, we have an opportunity to engage in conversations, learn from one another, and seek out experts to inform us.

Please remember that if you’re experiencing difficulties, we have many mental health services and supports available for you, including our Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP). Visit our Human Resources website to learn how to access these and other important services and information, including traumatic event support resources. If you’re not OK, reach out to your Ontario Tech family. We are here to support one another.

We hope and pray for a peaceful resolution.


Dr. Steven Murphy
President and Vice-Chancellor


Information on our international emergency bursary.