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Ontario Tech University's Continuous Learning department is the hub for not-for-credit programming at the university. Working in hybrid with all faculties across campus, Continuous Learning builds and houses certificate programs and learning opportunities that support lifelong learning.

Originally formed as the consolidation of professional development programs offered through the Management Development Centre (Faculty of Business and IT), Additional Qualification (AQ)/Additional Basic Qualification (ABQ) courses (Faculty of Education) and the Nuclear Professional Development Centre (Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science), the Continuous Learning unit will maintain existing programs while expanding relevant available offerings to a wider demographic.

The Continuous Learning unit incorporates programs that span the University's strengths, while:

  • Listening to the economic needs for reskilling and upskilling
  • Creating learning experiences and environments that are flexible and inviting
  • Building community and corporate partnerships that can work in collaboration with internal faculties and research

Our focus is to continue to produce relevant programs that serve our audience and their changing needs.

Additionally, Continuous Learning will be the home of education for kids and teens through summer and school break camps, unifying the circle of lifelong learning.

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Why call it "Continuous Learning"?

Ontario Tech's Continuous Learning is different from traditional "Continued Studies" or "Lifelong Learning" units at other universities. We are challenging the stereotype of what a "typical student" means, and modernizing the look and feel of university programs.

"Continuous": The continuum of learning has no beginning or end. As a synonym for "progressive", it positively reflects ongoing growth through lifelong learning.

"Learning": means the acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, study, or teaching. While we are a post-secondary institution, Ontario Tech also see the merits of other learning methods, environments and opportunities.

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