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The Magic of Mathematics

Virtual delivery
Ages 14 to 17 (high school grades)

Math is not just something we do in class; it is one of the methods we can use to solve problems and make our lives easier. Participants will learn the foundational concepts of calculus and the value of this super-powerful tool for tackling tough challenges. Our fun, hands-on activities will help participants develop an understanding of how calculus and other mathematical concepts can solve real problems they face every day and relate to real world engineering and society.

Activity example: Projectile Optimization - Participants will use calculus to explore the math behind projectile motion, and use it to help throw projectiles over a greater distance.

*Based on the Ontario Curriculum for secondary students.

  • interactive learning approach
  • simplification of complex topics
  • problem solving and design-based thinking
  • hands-on activities and/or experiment
  • connecting topics to society
  • counsellors demonstrate excellence in engineering and science, strong leadership skills, past experience working with youth, and enthusiasm towards education


Week 3: Monday, July 15 to Friday, July 19 (5-days)
Time: 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. EST

Cost: $100 (individual)

*Individual participant pricing only. One camper per registration. 
**Schedule subject to change without notice.
Technology requirements must be fulfilled prior to the start of camp. See below.

Video conferencing

  1. Computer with internet access;
    • Tablets (e.g. iPad, Chromebook), other mobile devices and gaming consoles are not recommended for this camp.
  2. Stable internet or data connection;
  3. Microphone;
  4. Webcam*; and
  5. Audio device (examples: speakers, headphones/earbuds, headset).

*Webcam is preferred, but not required.

Physical materials may be required for camps. A materials list will be provided to registrants prior to the start of camp.

Parents/guardians are responsible for supervision of their child(ren).

Support needs will vary by camper. We anticipate younger campers may require more support. 

Some adult support (or support from an older sibling) will be needed to start the daily session for younger campers. Counsellors will then provide the support during the camp activities.

Support may be required by parents/guardians or older children for:

  • initial computer and program launch;
  • internet connectivity; and/or
  • technical issues not related to Zoom or camp-related software.