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Alertus Mass Notification System

The Office of Campus Safety uses the Alertus mass notification system to notify students and employees of high priority, active threats on campus that have the potential to affect their immediate safety (i.e. a violent aggressor, a secure-and-hold situation or urgent evacuations).

Alertus informs the campus community as quickly as possible of the potential threat. Subsequent communications will be distributed by the Emergency Management Response Team through existing channels.

The Alertus Mobile App is available for all iPhone and Android mobile devices as a free app download. Setup is quick and easy. Alertus can be used by anyone from within or outside the campus community.


Step-by-step setup

  • 1. Download Alertus from the App Store

    Search for the Alertus app within the App Store.

    How the Alertus app appears within the App Store

  • 2. Launch the app

    When prompted, enter the campus organization code and PIN, plus a valid email address.

    • Organization code: cirens
    • PIN: 226116
  • 3. Account confirmation
    An email confirmation will be sent to your email account. Click the link in the email to verify your Alertus account.
  • 4. Confirm password

    The system may ask you to confirm a password. Enter the original PIN: 226116. Once the PIN is entered, you will be directed to the Alertis app home page to set up your notifications to properly receive alerts.

    How the alertus app homepage appears on a mobile phone

  • 5. Recommended Alertus configurations
    • Allow notifications
    • Include banners and lock screen
    • Banner style: Persistent
    • Sounds: On
    • Show previews: Always

    the recommended configurations for the Alertus app