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Winter safety

Pedestrians are reminded to take extra care when travelling around campus during winter weather and conditions.

Here are tips to keep in mind:

Wear proper winter footwear to avoid slips and falls

Winter weather can often be unpredictable. Although the university provides timely snow removal and salt distribution to major pedestrian walkways, ramps, and entrances, students, faculty and staff should wear proper footwear with treads designed to grip icy surfaces to help avoid the possibility of slips and falls.

In rain or snow, use pedestrian walkways and avoid shortcuts

During and after inclement weather, areas surrounding on-campus pedestrian walkways and entrances may have the formation of snowbanks, deep snow, slush or puddles. You should avoid taking shortcuts through these areas and only use pedestrian walkways to avoid accidents or injury.

Report slippery conditions

If you observe a snow or ice hazard on campus, report it to Campus Security and provide the exact location and situation.

  • 905.721.3211 (mobile phone)
  • Ext. 2400 (Dial 2400 on any campus phone)