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Campus safety resources

The Office of Campus Safety (OCS) promotes a safe and respectful campus environment for all Ontario Tech University community members.

The OCS has zero tolerance for incidents of discrimination, intimidation, violence, threats or harassment on campus and across all learning environments. All students are held to the standards of the university’s Student Conduct Policy, and faculty and staff are bound by policies set by the Human Resources department, including the Respectful Campus Policy.

OCS works with Durham Regional Police Service, Toronto Police Service, and other partners on a daily basis to gather intelligence, complete risk/threat assessments, monitor demonstrations/rallies, and speak with members of our campus community to ensure everyone is abiding by our policies for a safe and inclusive campus.

Here are some additional safety-related resources and services for our campus community:

  • Campus Safety Walk: You can request a member of our Campus Walk or Campus Security team to accompany you on campus at any time. Simply contact Campus Security at 905.721.3211 from your mobile device or ext. 2400 on any phone on campus and provide your location.
    • Downtown faculty, staff and students are encouraged to request a security escort to accompany them to their car or other campus location. To request an escort, contact Campus Security at Charles Hall in person, or call 905.721.8668 ext. 5616.

  • Code Blue stations: Located in parking lots and footpaths, and within the Campus Library at the north Oshawa location, these are three-metre red poles with blue lights on top. Each pole has a button you can press to gain instant contact with Campus Security. Once notified, Campus Security will send a guard to your location and, if required, dispatch emergency services. When in doubt or if you feel uneasy, press the button.

  • Off campus: If you are approached, feel threatened or require immediate assistance while you are off campus, call 911. To report a non-emergency incident or situation, call Durham Regional Police Service at 905.579.1520.

  • Personal safety planning: Jade Harper, Manager, Student Conduct, OCS, can meet with you to formulate a personal safety plan for you. You can reach her directly at or 905.721.8668 ext. 2596.

Personal safety tips:

  • Pre-program your mobile phone with the direct number to Campus Security: 721.3211. If you encounter a situation on campus and you need Campus Security to attend, call this number and provide your location.
  • Use Campus Walk or Safe Walk by calling 905.721.3211; you can arrange to be accompanied on campus at any time.
  • Know where the nearest Code Blue station is.
  • Walk in pairs on campus; avoid walking along deserted paths.
  • Park in well-lit areas, near the building entrance you plan to access.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, and walk with confidence.
  • If you wear headphones, leave one out; it’s important to hear what’s happening around you.
  • Download a campus map and use GPS to find popular, high-traffic routes you can use to reach your destination (e.g. Polonsky Commons).
  • If you see or hear something, let Campus Security know. When in doubt, please reach out to Campus Security or the Office of Campus Safety. 

Please remember that if you’re experiencing difficulties, the university offers free, confidential mental health services and supports for:

Your well-being, safety and health are always a priority. The Ontario Tech campus community cares about you, and supports your success.