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Student Rights and Responsibilities office

The Manager of Student Rights and Responsibilities is responsible for protecting the rights of everyone on campus. The manager, an independent and impartial decision-maker, manages all non-academic student behavioural issues on campus and enforces the Student Conduct Policy.

At times, the SRRO will partner with university’s faculties and Registrar’s office when dealing with violations to UOIT’s Student Conduct Policy. Your rights are vigorously protected and your responsibilities reinforced, in order to increase student retention and produce graduates who reflect the values of the university and the community at large. One of these values is respect for others,and its reinforcement creates a positive relationship between students, faculty, support staff, administration and the community.

The SRRO takes an educational approach when addressing inappropriate non-academic behaviour by drafting individual student behavioural plans that advocate good citizenship at UOIT.

The SRRO works to resolve conflicts involving students accused of violating the Student Conduct Policy. In addition the office provides general advocacy and consulting services to students, faculty and staff concerning behavioural conflicts both in and outside of the classroom.