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Lockdown External Audible Alarm (LEAA)

The university's north Oshawa campus location, situated at 2000 Simcoe Street North, is equipped with an exterior audible alarm system. This alarm is activated when a decision is made for the campus to go into lockdown.

The Lockdown External Audible Alarm (LEAA) is only activated to alert the community about an immediate active-threat emergency.

The alarm is only audible outdoors (ie: bus loop, Polonsky Commons, parking lots).

When you hear the LEAA:

  • Anyone in immediate danger should attempt to flee the campus.
  • Avoid entering the buildings, unless safe to do so, and then immediately follow lockdown procedures.

 Campus Security uses many overlapping methods to notify the public about a lockdown, including:

If you hear any one of the notifications please respond immediately and follow lockdown procedures.