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Principles of behaviour

We want you to make UOIT better every day. To get better we follow six key principles that shape our community and its behaviours. Because by embracing success and stability through these principles there is less room for marginalization and instability.

UOIT has zero tolerance for behaviours that create a hostile, inequitable, or unsafe environment.

The six principles of behaviour

Each guiding principles helps shape behaviours for every member of UOIT – both on and away from campus.

  1. We Create

    Together we imagine what is possible and work to make it reality. We make welcoming spaces and technological innovation because we defy convention.

  2. We Discover

    We learn from, and test what is known. For this reason we achieve through our best efforts, done with rigour and honesty because we drive our own discovery.

  3. We Improve

    We get better together; we strive to learn and grow as a result of experience. We challenge and test ourselves and others with respect and dignity because we seek mastery.

  4. We Promote

    We bring our best selves to campus and abroad. Our actions represent our community. Therefore, we authentically engage and strive to inspire others to do so because we are the face of UOIT.

  5. We Support

    We evaluate what is fair and just to support to all members of UOIT. We consider what works best for each person with unconditional compassion and open minds because we connect to your story.

  6. We Share

    We share ideas, feedback, and experiences as part of a permission-based culture. Such sharing allows remarkable opportunity for every UOIT community member because sharing allows others to join in.

We consider adherence to these principles to be the responsibility of every member of the UOIT community. At the same time, all members are expected to abide by the provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada and all laws of the land.

UOIT has zero tolerance for behaviour that creates a hostile, inequitable, or unsafe environment.

When the principles are violated, the rights and freedoms of individuals and groups of individuals in our community are violated. Members of UOIT who are alleged to have perpetrated conduct that violates or infringes upon the rights of others may be subject to the University’s administrative processes and discipline systems and/or those of the criminal justice system.

To uphold these standards we employ complementary systems that are not meant as substitute for the civil and criminal legal system.